Thursday, October 25, 2018

The changing world (197) Jan 1997

Jan 1st. With Deb to Braithwaites. Steven back from Edinburgh YWAM.
2nd        Unexpected boys pay £470. katy preparing music for fred's funeral. Big freeze. very funny See How They Run Questors civic performance.
3rd         Drove with deb taking david his computer. Lunch with Evans family in Salisbury. Bought clothes in Beer. Cold in Exeter overnight too.
4th          David at work at bank. long walk in Foyle gorge despite a little snow.
5th          Church at Belmont. A woman leading. Preacher good on Christian involvement but not an exposition of the text and rather left wing. Back home. Frosty.
6th          Nirva new work experience girl. As usual clearing up after locus. Led prayers at fred Benton's funeral and visited the Hosier family afterwards.
8th         Prayer with Steve before work. BB who is a troubled teenager round with her father.
9th         Deb has had 100% marks in two maths tests. Session discussed calling Randy as an elder. A little snow.
11th        Mr O phoned not well so Katy brought him to us. BB and family round. A psychiatrist has advised that she is a suicide risk.
12th        Led for Steve on Sanctity of Human Life Day. BB to stay with a church member away from her rather dysfunctional family home. We think she is attention seeking.
13th        Warmer after two weeks of frost. Election campaign hots up but no date given.
14th         Katy took her dad back to Potters Bar.
15th         Council to set the tax receded by awful Buddhist prayers.
16th         Costons AGM. Joy Hetherington standing again with me but Jeremy Mindel is not having moved from the borough. BB taken to hospital after she said she took an overdose of Ibuprofen but we have reason to doubt her story.
17th        Final day of our work experience girl and her mother brought us Armenian sweets. BB in hospital. Deb to teens but complains that she is ignored by her friends.
18th       Took Rachel to Canterbury. Tobacco bought in Sandwich. Cooked tandoori for Aaron and Eileen's wedding. Thought her attire with top hat rather strange.
19th       Rota. Steve on membership in the evening. Discussion after dominated by AH again.
20th       Visited SS director then work. Katy at Ealing hospital who say it is irrelevant whether BB took an overdose and one should not say she is manipulative. We disagree.
21st        SS group planning. Katy to orchestra. Deb doing college applications.
22nd       SS committee with deaf travel passes. We opposed AIDS budget spend.
23rd        Customer Lorna Bower is a BBC TV news producer. She asked me to be interviewed on prescription charges if they will preserve my anonymity. I had previously blogged this but on the wrong year.  Aaron to housegroup to speak on their coming year in Belgium.
24th        Southall police station for superintendent to meet councillors. When home - no wallet. Phoned Southall police. They had not found it and the meeting room was now locked. Cancelled credit card. Margery is in good spirits but refuses radiotherapy. BB is to be sent to Tlehust (psychiatric hospital).
25th        Raes to dinner.
26th        Preached providence Ps 62. Andrew Phelps to lunch. Not happy SC unilaterally cancelled the evening service when I could have done it.
27th         Katy thinks I should not go on TV anonymously to expose fraud over prescription charges. Independent pharmacies may not submit prescriptions when the charge collected is more than the cost of the drugs prescribed. I have ben instructed to do this in two pharmacies and was unhappy at the fraud involved.Tried to identify unknown tablets found by BB's mother in her bedroom. Southall Police Consultative Committee.
28th        RPSGB workshop at Town hall on antibiotics. Found the Bevans who run it go to St Mary's, hanwell. She is a pharmacist. He works for the council leisure services but caters for our meetings.
29th        SC encouraged me to do the BBC interview which I did at my customer's home.
30th        Anxious about keeping my anonymity. Good housegroup at Margery's.
31st        Last day of Dizrat Yakubu work experience.    

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