Friday, October 26, 2018

The changing world (201) Jun 1997

Depressed at the start of the month so no diary.
Jun 21st Session. Sorting personal finances.
22th        Adult Sunday School on ways to say you love her. Led for SC. Some in evening on divorce.
23th        19st 3lb. Have struggled with weight for years. Bright girl Sundeep on second week of work experience.
24th         Sent a second WE student, John Paul from cardinal Wiseman as no work for hm at Mansells. Not as bright as Sundeep. two students are too much so sent Sundeep to mansells. Oldfield governors.
25th        Ranald Macaulay with us. Good to reminisce about 1969-70. he is a technophobe. John Paul slow but willing. Rachel started mental health placement in Hampstead.
26th        Talked with Ranald about depression which he too has experienced. Rain all day. No Wimbledon. Someone smashed a window of our Volvo in the night. Wondered if it was some yob. I think that more likely than our nutty neighbour.
27th         My down not helped by £175 for a Volvo window. Sandeep left WE with Roses for us. DB phoned concerned about son T and I tried to help lift his spirits. Blind leading blind? He always seemed to me at better putting on a brave front than I ever am.
28th          Spirits lifted despite PC not coming to pray as expected. Shopped for weeding present for Eric and Maite Larson.
29th         Rota. Kenneth Glass from Stockwell Baptist preached and came to lunch. Preached Ephesians 1-3 in evening.
30th         Jean-Paul Plunket tries my patience on his WE. Did home-brew order for the shop.Hong Kong handed over to China. The sun has set on empire in the far east.

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