Monday, October 08, 2018

The changing world (173) Jun 1994

Jun 1st In Thirsk sorting Dad's bungalow. Stuff to keep, dump or Mind  charity shop. I do not fit into Dad's suits. A pity. Took Myra out to Rievaulx and Kilburn.
2nd       Two loads to dump and one to charity shop. Visited Skipton, talked to Maurice Sanderson. Ate at Red Lion with Geoffrey and Sara. Not a patch on when it was the best place to eat in the locality.
3rd        Cleaned 4 Tranmire Close, Thirsk and left for Leapers Problem on the way and diverted via M62 then went via Derby and Utoxeter. Brief greeting then very delayed on M6 north of M5. Home 8:30.
4th         We are still perplexed as to the way ahead for Deb's schooling.
5th          Enjoyed Larry leading morning worship until I had to do Sunday rota and found the mess left in my absence.To St Bernard's for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the pioneering Dr Connolly. Saw the museum and the padded cell which he introduced instead of physical restraints for the mentally ill. Even a padded roof.
6th          %0th anniversary od D Day. Hoping tutorial centre will soon see Deb.
7thg        Ealing Voluntary Services Council at St John's prevented me attending prayer meeting.
8th          Prayer with Larry before work at mantels. John Skinner to dinner and we counselled concerning his problematic legacy from his family.
9th          Voted UKIP in EU election. Went to Dishley's for her as a JP to witness my election expenses declaration. Advised to have counselling for Deb but there is no local public provision on offer any time soon.
10th         Deb working with me.
11th         Prayer breakfast with jack Miller. First Planning West site visit.  Sorting what from Dad will be wanted by Jonathan and Miriam.
12th        Preached on total depravity, Rom 3. Evening youth service with good praise.
13th        First day of hot summer weather.
14th        First time on governors of St Anne's special school in Hanwell.
15th        Prayer with Larry and David before work at Mansels. Fist Planning West Committee. One's decisions are on officers statutory advice really. Objections to an application have to be according to set laid down reasons like impeding light to an adjoining property.
16th        Encouraged by a surprise visit from Elliott at my work. Rachel now working as exams over. It is busy with hay fever season.
17th        Seminar on asthma at Glaxo. They make inhalers. Session meeting.
18th       Larsons to dinner with Mark and his intended, Sue Wright, a fellow Cambridge undergraduate.
19th       Preached on election. Pot luck in honour of Mark and Sue.  I still face criticism over my persuading my fellow elders not to have a Sunday evening square dance. Larsons spoke in the evening about their past three years in USA so they must have left Ealing in 1991.
20th        To the Weales for co-operative home school, The Rock, reunion in honour of the Larsons.
22nd        Pleased with Nigeria 3 Bulgaria 0 in World Cup.
23rd         Deb has made a good start at the tutorial centre.
24th         Bach Mass at St Barnabas in a thunderstorm after a hot day.
25th         Katy and girls to town for recorder exams. I was gardening. Argentina 2 Nigeria 1 in World Cup. Dad's bungalow sold for £45,750. This enabled us to pay off our mortgage eventually.
26th         Elliott preached morning and Alan Hosier evening.
27th         No assistant Sarah again. Chronic absentee and little cover sent.Deb has mild asthma.
28th         Four elders to Joe's sunny garden for planning day.
29th         Waste of time going to Health Authority audit seminar.
30th         Maradonna sent home from World Cup. Nigeria win their group.

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