Monday, October 08, 2018

Diary w/e 6 Oct 2018

Sun 30 Sep

Our first stay in David's green room; his studio. Worship at the City Church. 200 or so there. Noisy with not my kind of music before the service. I would describe it as charismatic Calvinistic Radio 2 style with no liturgy. I am a Reformed charismosceptic with liturgical appreciation and Classic fm tastes. So twenty minutes of decent modern songs, not repetitive but contenfull then a tongue, interpretation?, testimonies, solo song before the sermon is not for me. Before the sermon no confession of sin, Scripture reading nor prayer for the world and mission. No-one came to greet me in the greeting time.Good sermon of 45 minutes on being filled with the Spirit. Top marks for that but the whole style is too loud and experience centred for me to ever return. Everyone to their own taste. Not my cup of tea but is you are blessed by it , be blessed. Back home by 7pm, M25 and M3.

Mon 1 Oct

Car serviced and new tyres. Eye test for new glasses, this time with a tinted lens where my vision is poor.

Tue 2 Oct

To the Halifax sorting out their incompetence. Recent dealings with banks convince me they are not run in the interests of their customers but only their shareholders. One of the lower forms of commercial life. Good U3A on Euthanasia which I led. Pleased to have a new nonagenarian male join us. Females overwhelmingly predominate U3A. Is it because women are more sociable? Also encouraged by an octogenarian lady who appears to be truly Christian. She was familiar with Lloyd-Jones. General agreement on our topic.

Wed 3 Oct

Five came to U3A current affairs on antisemitism. Very good discussion. I had to be devil's advocate for the Zionist cause as we had no Jewish participant to put the case against that advocated by our Muslim member.

Thu 4 Oct

U3A on 10,000 years of Brentford History. Mainly archaeology. No mention of the civil war. Disappointing.

Fri 5 Oct

Shopping with Katy in two supermarkets. Pleased to have Rachel and the children round for the grandchildren's weekly piano lessons.

Sat 6 Oct

To Hauxston in the rain to celebrate in advance of Hannah's 15th birthday with Chinese takeaway dinner.

pirit filled people who are convinced that the Church is the hope of the world. We exist to ‘Invite everyone to encounter Jesus.’

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