Friday, October 05, 2018

The changing world (170) Mar 1994

Mar 1st  Deb refused school.
2nd        Katy spoke to Deb's teacher but she would not stay. Have a chronic moaner as my boss.
3rd        Deb managed only one lesson. Getting quote for new boiler.
4th        Though katy took her in to school only one lesson and not talking about it. Accepted £1800 quote for boiler.
5th         Hillingdon Choral at St John's Passion.
6th         Preached Heb 11. Wrote to Dad who is on his feet with difficulty but in better spirits.
7th         Deb at school. BBC TV filmed me on drug costs. I had a customer who was in their news department. This was on the main news exposing how pharmacists did not send paid prescriptions for pricing if the levy collected was worth more than the reimbursement from the pricing bureau. RPSGB denied it happened but all professions are conspiracies against the public interest.
8th         Council tax setting meeting. Labour abstained. Drink with the mayor afterwards as usual.
9th         Worked my weekly day at Uxbridge Road shop with miserable chief assistant who I have named, Queen Bee. RPSGB branch meeting on migraine. Advised by Denis Bland, hospital chief pharmacist on prison service job application. IRA mortared Heathrow.
10th        Katy upset as Deb refused school. More IRA mortars at Heathrow. Interview at Holloway prison. Not optimistic about getting the job. Every time I was interviewed for a public sector job it was always women interviewing and I never was offered a job. Coincidence?
11th        Deb off school. I was too tired to drive to Thirsk as planned.
12th        To Thirsk. Lunch not too good at The Angel, Topcliffe. Tea with Myra. Visited dad twice. Drink with Geoffrey. dad in better spirits but difficulty in standing.
13th        St James' Green Methodist. Visited dad twice. Drove to Perivale.
14th        Deb OK in a new class.
15th        Sears (Lab) refused to back vote of thanks for Barbara Yerolemou retiring as Social Services chairman.
16th         Struggle to get deb into school. Holloway job not offered.
17th         Deb refuses school. New RE syllabus approved by the special conference set up to produce it. Colin Hart of the Christian Institute had me put forward amendments which were ejected.
18th         Getting used to new Mediphase computer labelling system. Elders until 10:40pm. Katy would like Deb to go to boarding school but I do not see her agreeing.
19th         Jonathan brought a TV to me at work to see England beat Wales. Katy and Deb to Exeter to bring David home.
20th          Larry flew to USA for his father having surgery. Rota hour for two scripts only. Warm enough to sit in garden after lunch for the first time this year.
21st           Deb to the teaching support centre.
22nd          School refused again by Deb. Teachers agree we should not force her. She is to see a psychologist, the school will see about more resources and look at other provision.
23rd           We are told deb needs a small school and she cannot articulate her problems. New central heating working.
25th            Treated to a meal at a Pakistani restaurant in Southall by Muslims lobbying over the Town Hall sale.
26th             Kiss me late at Greenford Hall.
27th             Led Palm Sunday service. Singing drowned by Mark Larson on trumpet.Pot luck lunch for Eileen Marshall. Barbara Busse, Terri heckler's mother very good in the evening on work in India and Iran.
29th           Getting nomination papers signed for the local election in May.
30th           Becklers, her mother and adopted sister to dinner.
31st           Maundy Meal at IPC, bread and soup with readings, the latter stumblingly slow from John Corcoran.

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