Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The changing world (176) Sep 1994

Sep 1st Wet and cool. Not up in time for Bible reading.
2nd       End of Discoverers week.
3rd        Cooked my first fondue. Rachel to Weymouth on holiday.
4th        Larry did a short end of Discoverers service.
5th        Mansells shop fitting for Post Office move.
6th        MOT on Fiesta. Prayer meeting good spirit but numbers low.
7th        Deb not happy with RC councillor. Council educational social worker says they have a long waiting list.
8th        Jonathan to finish at Leslie Oliver.
9th        Jonathan to Cambridge. Pleased Deb went to teens.
10th      On my own in shop Saturday afternoon. Rachel back from Weymouth caravan.
11th       An unexpected work experience student from Acton High. Over the years I was to have many. At least two became pharmacists. All manner of ethnicities but two things in common. They would not speak their mother tongue to customers (except for a recently arrived Polish girl) and no-one can add up without recourse to the aid of a calculator. Mental arithmetic is dead.  Threatening letter from our excommunicated member now in prison. I have been helping his wife cheat the benefits system. I gave the letter to the police. They had been incompetent in getting him convicted for arson and a four year sentence. It he had been found guilty of arson to endanger life he could have been sentenced to life imprisonment.
12th         Chinese take away to celebrate Rachel's A levels. She is considering doing A level RE now.
13th         Given enough grapes to make two gallons of wine.
14th         Prayed with Larry before work. Deb at her unpopular RC counsellor. The LEA has now offered a doctor's help but no date given.
15th          At Mansells where there is a new shop front and the dispensary is now at the back of the shop.
16th         Jonathan to Cambridge. Sorting out all my letters from Nigeria which my parents kept.
17th         Nicola Braithwaite's wedding at barnet baptist.
18th         David's friend Tristram here. David Barnes on beatitudes, Alan on Joh 17.
19th         Session discussing two services, a traditional and a contemporary style.
20th         Cheques arrived, the children's inheritance from my father's estate.
 21st         takeaway to celebrate Miriam's birthday today and Rachel's tomorrow and Jonathan leaving home. Cheque from the solicitors for me.
22nd        Paid off 2/3 of mortgage. Terry Seaber in hospital for appendix operation.
23rd         Briefed by the SS director on Labour's proposed cuts and visited Mattock Lane family centre.
24th        John Boer arrived to stay.
25th        David Barnes on Mat 5 then John on his Nigeria work in the evening. Pleased to hear from Onamusis and Garba by later.
26th        John to High Leigh writers workshop. Visited two OAP homes under closure threat.
w7th       To Grange part which has a Polish OAP unit too.
27th         Mansells disrupted by back extension being built.
28th         Routleys from Argentina visited. Not seen them for 14 years.
30th         At the surgery farewell party for Dr Gray who was there when I started in 1969. David packing for Exeter.

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