Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The changing world (177) Oct 1994

Oct 1st Katy and Deb took David to Exeter and John Boer left us.
2nd       Pharmacy rots so I only heard evening sermon, Bob Heppe on evangelism.
3rd        Visited Noah's Ark children's nursery. Found short cut from Empire Road to the canal for dog walking.
4th         Prayer meeting at Beckler's flat.
5th         Deb's counsellor wants to carry on but Deb does not.
8th         To Wells, Staines for lunch and walk in Windsor Great Park.
9th          Paul Clowney on anger. Dad, Luck and Joe to lunch.
10th        These are the best autumn colours for 11 years.
11th        Free Church Council in Southall commissioned Bob Heppe to serve the local ethnic churches.
14th         Bought a new mac £1400, our second I think
15th         Took old mac to David in Exeter. Pizza lunch outside in Indian Summer weather. back via large man's shop in Beer.
16th          Randy good on lust and marriage bit as usual not from the passage. Paul Clowney sorted out our computer and gave us a lot of software. Alan on Joh 18.
17th          Sellers will replace our computer as it is faulty.
18th           Computer replaced. St Anne's governors.
19th           I was applauded in SS committee for opposing Labour closing Ealing family Centre and three OAP homes.
20th           Press release done on yesterday's SS meeting.
21st           Jonathan and Miriam with us for the weekend.
22nd          Costons Conservative lunch. Welly taken to the vet with a sore rear.
23rd          Preached on oaths and truth telling from Mat 5. John Skinner to lunch. Video at church on Moravians.
24th          Interview on SS cuts on Sunrise Radio.
25th          Child and family Service say the waiting list is 30 weeks for deb to be seen.
27th          At Georgian House for 100th birthday party of Mr Maloney. Mayor there too.
28th          Northolt Rugby Club with harry Greenway launching Friends of Cayton Road Playing Fields. A campaign to stop the council building on fields in my ward.
29th           Korean Grand renting a room from us for a month. Katy in town on two day music course.
30th           Preached on love you neighbour. Did a quiz at youth service.
31st           Our Korean is dog walking with me.


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