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The changing world (172) May 1994

May 1st David Barnes on Heb 13. I presided at the Lord's Table. John Skinner to lunch. A young man who has come to faith after a difficult family background.
2nd         Delivering final election leaflets.
3rd          Delivering leaflets before work and then church prayer after pharmacy.
4th          Finished election deliveries and had elders prayer before day's work at Mansells. We expect the owner to have secured the contract to operate the local post office from inside the pharmacy premises.
5th          Telling all day 8am to 7pm at several polling stations. Then to the count in the town hall. No results before midnight but Conservatives have lost the council.  though I am OK I reckon.
6th           Home 4am. I won but council went from 29-31 to 20-48-3, a devastating labour win. Five leading colleagues out. Took Deb to see Kensington Park School. Conservative group elect Ian Green as leader. I am social services lead.
7th           To Harvester to celebrate my win though Katy wishes I had lost.
8th           Preached Heb 12 benediction. In the evening Rachel helped lead the youth service.
9th           Back to clearing the locus mess at work. I likened it to going down the beach after the donkeys. The borough will not fund deb going to private day school.
10th         I am on education and planning(west) committees.
11th       Myra rang to say Dad in heart failure. Geoffrey agrees we should let nature take its course.
12th        Phoned hospital and confirmed our views on dad. made arrangements to go to Thirsk. House group meal at Shahee tandoori Southall.
13th        Hospital sister says dad is worse ao after work drove to Thirsk with the family. David came back from Exeter. Three and a half hours and to the hospital at midnight. Geoffrey and Sara there. I stayed. Breathing laboured with opiates. He cannot talk but we reckon he knows we are here.
14th         Went to Dad's bungalow 10am for a couple of hours sleep then back to his bedside. On diamorphine. Little sign of consciousness except he said 'rachel, don't go'. These were the last words I heard him speak. Left after 10pm.
15th         Walked to hospital. There until lunch. Not conscious. Scotts and Hills visited after lunch. After tea with Myra said my farewell and drove home by 11:30pm.
16th          11am heard Dad had died. Stopped work briefly and cried. Phoned Geoffrey and arranging Friday funeral. Wrote my tribute for the service - to be printed as I would be too emotional to speak.
17th          Last Relate committee as I am no longer to be council rep. happy for I disagree with its non-directive counselling and it no longer being marriage guidance but relate however you y=think best. If it were up to me it would get no council grant as not fit for purpose.
1pth           Three speeches at the special council meeting, my first in opposition. Applauded for my third speech.
20th            Drove to church. packed church. Cousin Ron Julier there. Malcolm Peters preached, his first time in a Methodist church since he left them. Uncle Neil did not approve. Sour grapes!.
21st             Sorting out the bungalow with Geoffrey. Took Myra and Dorothy for Indian meal.
22nd            Roy Newell encouraging at St James Green then Jim Smith at Catton. Drove home after tea.
23rd             Deb does not want to try Kensington Park School again.
25th             Elders prayer before work.
26th             Mayor making. Hindu, Sharma, will have no chaplain saying his religion is private.
27th             Elders meeting. Larry, David Barnes and me.
29th             Mike Peat preached in the morning and val Inchley from Nepal spoke in the evening.
30th             Supper at Babcocks.
31st              Drove to Leapers in Staffordshire when scenic route to Thirsk. Sorted kitchen with Geoffrey.

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