Monday, October 08, 2018

The changing world (174) Jul 1994

Jul 1st Rachel worked for me in the morning. Sikh Rajinder now full time.
2nd      We drove to Exeter to bring David home.
3rd       Morning rota so missed Larry's sermon on deacons. IFES speaker in the evening, Solomon formerly in Madagascar and Ivory Coast.
4th       Rachel worked in the morning for me.
5th       Nigeria lost to Italy.
6th       Elders prayer then governors visit to St Anne's school. Makes one thankful to be sound in body and mind.
7th       I am so fed up with a critical moaning boss that I would go to a better hole if I could find one.
8th       Miriam staying with us as she often does since the engagement.
9th       Rachel worked with me all day. Kim of North Korea died.
10th     Preached on limited atonement. Team visiting form Escondito, CA.
11th     Rachel now regular morning work for me.
12th     Council education briefing meant I missed church congregational meeting.
13th     St Anne's AGM.
14th     Good housegroup with Seabers and Hosiers.
15th     To Thirsk. Hired a van and with Geoffrey loaded Dad's furniture. Visited the grave and new stone.
16th      Geoffrey and I drove to Cambridge, unloaded half the van and the rest in Perivale. Davis has a job at Yates Wine Lodge.
17th       I preached on irresistible grace. Alan Hosier in the evening.Brazil won world cup on penalties.
18th       Council meeting. Pleasant new mayor.
19th       Did Patient Medication Records course while at work.
21st       SACRE and got the humanists thrown off.
22nd      Took Deb for interview at RC children centre. Elders meeting.
23rd        Rachel working with me at Mattock Lane Pharmacy. Deb and Timmy Grey camping in a tent on our back lawn.
24th        Preached on perseverance of the saints.Braithwaites to lunch.
25th        Happy at work with the boss on holiday.
26th        Cllr John Wood's funeral at St Stephens. John had gone to do some work on his narrow boat and died suddenly.
27th        Prayer with Larry and David before work. In the evening Katy and Nigel Gary wrote the monthly prayer list for the church.
28th        First rain for a while as grass is brown. Housegroup.
30th        Planning site visits. Barbecue at Varneys, Northolt.
31st        Led for Larry on spiritual warfare. Took family service in the evening.

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