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The changing world (167) Jan-Dec 1993

Jan 21st Visit from Peter and Elizabeth Clark
22nd       Elders away day at Martins planning.
24th        Wendy Barber to dinner.
Feb 5th   Geoffrey and Sara visiting
7th          Nicki Merritt to dinner
Mar 20th Opened new Greenford recycling centre
May 9th   Ealing Abbey civic service
11th         Annual council and I left being chairman of environment for the back benches for the only time
25th         Presbytery
Jun 27th   11:30 to 12:30 rota duty at Mattock Lane pharmacy. An occasional Sunday chore. Babcock family to lunch.
Jul 3rd     Elders and deacons retreat
9th           Elders planning day
10th         Dominion Centre, Southall, Indian ex-servicemens' reunion. Former members of the Indian Army. The British Legion does not admit them. Racism?
13th         Larry and the new Mrs Terri Beckler to lunch
21st          Ealing Voluntary Services Council AGM at The Polygon
24th         Start of two weeks in a caravan on the Isle of Wight. Enjoyed Needles battery, Carisbroke castle, Osbourne House, Cowes regatta,
Aug 8th   Barry led for Paul Clowney
15th         Neil led for David Barnes
22nd        Randy preached. Pot luck lunch.
23rd         Elders meeting
24th         Zoe Gregory and Miriam Burrough ate with us. Miriam's first visit as Jonathan's girlfriend.
29th         Larry preached.
Sep 3rd    Church barbecue.
12th         Paul Clowney preached
14th         Presbytery at Kim's Kingston
19th         Paul preached
Oct 1st    Elders meeting
3rd          I led for Greg Bahnsen preaching. He gave me his book on homosexuality.
10th        Larry preached
13th        Free Church federal Council at Greenford baptist
16th        Ealing Junior Music School quiz supper.
17th        I preached.
14th        Preached again
27th        My father's birthday. We did not know it would be his last.
30th        Lunch at Braithwaites
Nov 4th  Elders meeting
6th          Bonfire night. Was this the time I lit a roman candle under a big fir at church and set it on fire briefly. Anther memorable night the guy went missing. dear Mike Rudd had removed it. He like Fawkes was an old bot of St Peter's School York so objected to an old boy of their school being burned in effigy.
7th          Randy preached.
9th          Pharmaceutical Society branch meting at Ealing hospital so my dinner was the buffet there
12th        Evening at Babcocks. Gordon introduced me to the delights of single malts.
14th        Stephens family to lunch. He was a GP who like civil war history, she had escaped from the killing fields of Cambodia. Two Gray boys dined too.
19th         Family ate at the Mylett Arms for Jonathan's birthday
21st         Larry preached. Barnes, Grass and Miriam Johnson joined Debbie's birthday party at Macdonalds. We had one unwelcome visitor.
23rd        Dad entered Northallerton General for bilateral knee replacement. he was never to get back on his feet or return to his bungalow.
25th        Enjoyed too much hospitality from Bob Wilson at his funfair on the common before the Thanksgiving meal at IPC.
27th         Synod then we went to Carmen opera.
28th         Larry preached then pot luck.
Dec 2nd  Elders and deacons meeting
3rd          To Thirsk
5th           Back home
9th           Elders meeting
10th         To the Leapers
11th          I did not get to Jeremy Hinds' memorial service. The only missionary I know to have his obituary in The Times. Those days Twas a regular reader.
19th          Joe Martin preached at carol service
21st          Twyford carols
24th          Thomas Wirth from HOST, a German with us for the holiday
25th          Phoned Dad in hospital.
26th          I led for David Barnes
28th          Thomas Wirth left.
31st           Working at Mansells pharmacy, Uxbridge Road my usual one day a week instead of my mattock lane. There one had to dispense methadone etc for addicts. At Mattock lane I kept no controlled drugs.

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