Friday, October 05, 2018

The changing world (171) Apr 1994

Apr 1st David Barnes took the Good Friday service, dramatic readings and fairly long.
3rd        Easter day. Sat with two Chinese visitor but they left before paul Clowneys resurrection sermon.
4th        Burroughs here with Martha.
5th        Back to work and very busy post holiday.
6th        Took Deb bowling in Wembley.
8th         Killings in Rwanda. Deb to see educational psychologist.
9th         Rachel back from High Wycombe school study week. Jonathan and Miriam at Spring Harvest.
10th       Paul Clowney on Heb 13. Katy's dad here as usual for roast lunch. Took Rachel to evening youth service.
11th       Found out the list of candidates standing for election. Labour reckon they will win 39-32. Our side are optimistic though. I am not.
12th       Jack Miller at the prayer meeting. He concentrated on the need for repentance. I wanted to hear about the glory of God.
13th        Got canvassing forms and started on Middleton Avenue. Very encouraging.
14th        Once again no assistant Sarah. A repeated problem. Deb will not return to Twyford.
15th        Sarah still not at work. Met the Euro MP candidate at the opening of a Southall restaurant.
16th        Deemed it better to keep the peace at home rather than go canvassing in the cold.
17th        Ed Clowney preached.
18th        Took milk to Hosiers for Rachel's baby. Elders went on until 11:30pm.
19th         Posive response canvassing Greenford Road which encouraged me.
20th         Prayer with Larry before work. After work canvassing Greenford Road, east side.
21st         Getting a buzz canvassing Greenford Road. Housegroup and ward meeting.
22nd        Deb came and helped at work in the afternoon. Finished Greenford Road canvassing. meeting with Dr Clowney on marriage and headship.
23rd         St George's day Conservative lunch. Make Stenchard from Iowa staying with us.
24th         Four customers in rota hour. David back to Exeter. Evenings we have had videos on marriage etc. This one on intimacy not conducive to discussion.
25th         Back to dog walking. Deb working with me in the afternoon. My council colleagues are optimistic.
26th         Deb visited Harvington school and did not like it. Council meeting.Said farewell to five council colleagues who are retiring this time.
27th         Early prayer with Larry and David Barnes. Frustrated by the inefficiency of pharmacist Maureen's performance when I am off work. She managed the shop before me but is not adept with the new computer. Canvassed Costons Lane.
28th         Work busy because of coming bank holiday. One abusive Irish voter on Costons Avenue. Housegroup at Seabers.
29th          Deb went ice skating. cable TV installed.
30th          Canvassing Costons Lane with Hilary Mullins whose husband later died quite suddenly of a brain tumour.

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