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The changing world (175) Aug 1994

Aug 1st No Sara at work. Asthma. Pleased to have Rachel all day. Do not know why I am depressed at present.
2nd        Dinner at Malhotras. She took EA and several governors to industrial tribunal and the LEA paid her to withdraw her case.
3rd         Work at Mansells. Boss not encouraging to put it mildly. Deb to counselling but she is not happy with it.
4th          86 Year old Mr Squires told me of 80 years ago today when WWI was declared. His met police father was recalled from holiday and he has not forgiven the Kaiser. He was later head of Scotland yard fingerprinting.
5th          Swapped dad's wardrobe for mine.
6th          Katy drove us to Burton Bradstock, Dorset. Luxurious cottage but no parking.
7th          Bridport Baptist, traditional, good sermon content but poor exegesis.
8th          Lyme Regis and a walk along the cliffs.
9th          The family gave us a fondue set to celebrate our Silver Wedding. Deb and I went to Chesil Beach.
10th        Wet shopping in Bridgeport. Walked at Freshwater Bay.
11th         Beauminster and Lyme Regis.
12th           Lyme Regis Monmouth beach - where the duke landed.
13th         To Thirsk via Dorset, Wits, Glos, Warwick , Leics than motorway.
14th          Rather lifeless Frandale at St James Green. To Harrogate via the grave. Geoffrey preached at St Andrew's Starbeck, charismatic C of E and later church of Brian Boddy.
15th           Northallerton, Osmotherly, sheepish, Hawnby, Boltby. Visited Nicksons in Knaresborough. Tea with Myra and called on Grahams in their new Thirsk house.
16th            Masham, Leyburn, Lawes, Swaledale. Family meal at Nags Head, Pickhill.
17th            Harrogate, Bradford, Huddersfield, Glossop, Buxton, Leek, Stoke to Leapers. In their caravan.
18th           Macclesfield for Mark Larson's wedding to Sue Wright. Elliott preached. Twins sang. Luxurious reception at Anlington Hall hunting lodge. Lot of IPC there. Took Carl back to Leapers.
19th           Carl, deb and Christopher dropped at Alton Towers while we went to Lucy and Joe in Wilmslow with Mr Overend. Nan and three more generations there. Elizabeth and Rebecca at national tetrathalon, Warwick.
20th           Home via Martins where we left Carl. Row with George next door over the dog barking. he insulted me when I banged my head on the shed door frame. Rachel not happy with A level results.
21st           Joe and rationalism and emotions. Alan on Joh 17.
22nd          Concluded I dislike pharmacy because I am there due to my failure being so up and down. Later I was diagnosed as bipolar - two decades later - and I came to see pharmacy as a providential provision. Proving the ways of providence are not quickly or easily discerned.
23rd          Katy painting the bathroom so I feel a guilty bystander as I am at pharmacy, council and church work not family and house work.
24th           Deb working with me. She is more of a bolshy teenager now. She and David wind one another up. He is working for Tessa and Yates.
25th            Opening of summer fair on Common. Few Labour there and I was the only Tory. This time I did not over indulge.
26th            Seeing SS director Robin Fleming for my monthly briefing. We always got on very well as I did with her eventual successor.
27th             Replacing bathroom fittings after painting done by Katy. I got frustrated with such practical tasks.
28th             Katy's aunt, Myra, from BC and John Skinner to lunch. Paul Clowney on materialism and evening Jen Morris of OM prior to her departure for Tunisia. We had many years of OM based at IPC. Sometimes there was friction with next door.
29th              Bank holiday. Took Deb to MacDonald's. Rachel made up with her friend Richard.
30th              Rachel at work with me. Happy Indu is in India. Boss same as ever.
31st              Jonathan and Miriam back from Italy.IRA promise ceasefire.

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