Saturday, October 20, 2018

The changing world (188) Jan 1996

Jan 1st Dropped David at Alperton then to Burroughs with Grandad.
2nd      Su Pui from Drayton High is new work experience girl. OM team at prayer meeting led by Bob H.
3rd      With Katy to civic performance of The Ghost Train at Questors.
4th       Elders prayer before work. Elders and deacons met jn evening. Katy reluctant to let me get internet.
5th       At Babcocks to see internet at work.
6th       Constables visited us with their two toddlers. I would be happy to call him.
7th       Hosiers to dinner,
8th       Met SS dirtier before work. SS pre-meeting after. Terry Beldam tiling the kitchen. Rajinder concerned she has to have surgery.
9th        SS committee. Katy our with cello.
10th      At Mansells hit the panic button calling police when a nutty white woman assaulted a large black customer in the post office queue. St Anne's governors. Rachel back to Canterbury.
11th       Steve Constable at our housegroup.
12th       Away day at Martins. Agreed to send members a letter recommending calling Steve Constable. At the time I did not record him saying he would consider staying three years or so but I do remember thinking, "What happened to the concept on staying until the Lord calls elsewhere?'
Deb had Gillian Heppe for a sleep over.
13th         With Rachel in Canterbury.
14th         Led for Steve C.
15th         Ordered modem and did not tell Katy yet.
16th         Evening pharmacy continuing education on health promotion at town hall.
17th         Signed up for Mailbox internet.
18th         Modem arrived and Keith Martin helped set it up.
19th         Found evidence of a dishonest assistant. My fords email sent to Rachel.
20th         Session decided to ask David B if he wants a sabbatical.
21st         Church meeting agrees to ballot to call Steve C.
22nd        Rota. Chis paddock to lunch. Spoke on worship in evening.
23rd         The boss persuaded the dishonest assistant to repay £1000 and leave with no references, no police.
25th          Early morning elders prayer. Good housegroup on Rom 8.
26th          A little snow. Joan Welch back with us first time in over two years.
27th          A little more snow. J&M with us.
28th          Led for Barry Segren preaching at ordination of Mark Larson as deacon. Spoke on worship in evening. David B to take sabbatical from session.
30th           Second health promotion workshop at town hall.

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