Saturday, October 13, 2018

Diary w/e 13 Oct 2018

Sun 7 Oct

Lorens Du Plessis good on Worldviews in adult Sunday School. Good third sermon on Heb 11, Faith and hope, from Paul Levy. Our newest church member, Raphael Siva, age two days, present with his parents. He did Num 18 in the evening with Laurens leading and Paul Meiners presiding well at the Lord's Table. Katy and I watched the first two episodes of Vanity Fair. Loved it, especially the Bunyan references, but how does a story set around 1800 have electric lights on a merry-go-round?

Mon 8 Oct

Visited our neighbour, Arpana, a Gujerati widow with three adult sons, one married with two children. Very friendly and accomplished lady. Walked to William Perkin School to see where the bus stops are for I am to escort a pupil to her home in Ealing Broadway so she may learn the route. Overjoyed to hear Hamid has been judged worthy of asylum. Session meeting, hopefully our last at Dean Hall.

Tue 9 Oct

Co-op ATM - beware. I have used this near the Town Hall twice. The first time it swallowed my card for no reason. Today it gave me £60 and a receipt for £80 withdrawn. I had to go to my bank, Santander, to claim my money which I await. Co-op say it is merely their wall not their machine. Not very co-operative IMO. Chris Roberts excellent at ELT on the Light coming into the world - the light you cannot see unless God opens your eyes in new birth.

Wed 10 Oct

Our friend Kenneth Skilling flew in from DC and I cooked him tandoori for lunch. Then I had a wasted hour waiting to take a girl home from school on the bus but her mother failed to tell me my help was not needed. Fascinated by the last episodes on Vanity Fair. I think it owes more to Ecclesiastes than Bunyan. 

Th 11 Oct

Nine elders at early morning prayer. The only thing better than rising early to pray is rising early for corporate prayer. 'How sweet and pleasant it is when brothers ...' Shopped at Wyvale garden centre and disgusted by 20 minute wait for a bowl of soup. Joel Rinn from Verona arrived to stay after a synod planning meeting.

Fr1 12 Oct

ATM £20 shortfall refunded. Joel left us for his Verona home. Katy gave her weekly piano lessons to Ethan and Elissa.

Sat 13 Oct

Big Boys Cafe, breakfast to celebrate Deb's job as classroom assistant. Book table Greenford Broadway but my only conversation was with Usmani and Mohammed on the Muslim book table. London Festival of Male Voice Choirs. Treated to excellent seats and a cab home by our friend Kenneth Skilling.

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