Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The changing world (193) Jul 1996

Jul 2nd Southall police consultative meeting
3rd        Met with the visiting RA who is as ever critical. I set a bad example and do not communicate well according to this visiting expert. He does great work and is blessed but he is a leader who must have followers not equals in a team.
5th        Elders planning day at Joe's. Agreement on all matters except music.
6th        Katy to recorder exams.
7th        Led for Steve on Phil 1. Evening he did immutability of God. Rachel back from TFG in New Forest.
8th        Took Rachel to an agency for packing work.
9th         All Katy's recorder pupils passed as did Rachel with first year results.
10th       Oldfield AGM.
12th       Riots in Northern Ireland.
13th       Prayer with Steve then to great Shelford for the day.
14th        Rota. mark, Sue and Scott Larson to lunch. Steve on the cross in evening.
15th        Jonathan to be made redundant after his firm is taken over.
16th        Five questions and seven speeches in council. Good chat with Richardson. Mayor Patel refreshed us afterwards. BED 12:45AM.
17TH     Took Rachel to work and prayer with Steve before work.
18th        Deb baby sat for Barnes while pesky and hate at Beacon House end of term party. Rachel to TFG.
19th       Atlanta Olympiad started. Very hit.
20th       Barbecue at home.
21st       Led for Steve on Phil 1. Lunch at IPC. Steve on omnipresence of God.
22nd      90f very hot.
23rd       Katy at orchestra.
24th       Prayer with Steve. Mansells work. EVSC AGM with decent food.
25th       Work. Ward. Housegroup. Helicopter with each light circling at 12"30am.
26th       A little rain cooled us . Jonathan may not be made redundant.
27th       Stolen car crashed on Bilton road wrecking two parked cars. Costons lunch. Took girls to IPC barbecue. Wood End supper at Varneys. Met jason and a woman who may stand in Costons.
28th       Jonathan Edwards triple jump Olympic silver medal. Steve on Phil 1. Christine Rachel's friend to lunch. Steve on holiness of God. Hill wins German F1.
29th       Friend of Rachel's, Joe from Ware with us.
30th       Katy at orchestra. Rachel at Discoverers planning.
31st        Greenford Community centre housing meeting on anti-social behaviour. A rabble especially one black family all mouth.

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