Friday, October 05, 2018

The changing world (169) Feb 1994

Feb 1st Deb out of school very tired 11am.
2nd       Took Deb to school OK.
3rd        Church agrees on new treasurer.
4th         Deb not fit for school. Over 20 round for House of Jacobs Tramps Supper dessert course.``
5th         Took family to Laguna restaurant. Poor service.
6th          Larry preached. He is more confident but not forceful. To Braithwaites, Oakwood by tube.
7th          Deb back to school. Our group leader nearly resigned over us voting to sell Southall Town hall to Muslims. Privatising Environmental Services.
9th           Working at Mansells Uxbridge Road.
10th          Council
11th          Classical concert at St John's.
12th          Men's pray breakfast, Gordon cooking. Took Katy to find electronic piano for church.
13th          Randy not really executing Heb 10. Two OM females from Turkey to lunch.
14th          Snow in morning.
15th          Walked dog in snow. Dinner at Malhotras. She was the unpopular head of Melbourne School.
16th           Drove four elders to Martins near Oxford. Good planning meeting despite the bad report on the finances. Discussed evening services. I was to eventually keep them going largely due to one family having that as their desire if they were to stay as members. Our one excommunicated member sentenced to four years in prison for arson. He still made threats from behind bars.
17th           G&S Patience at Greenford Hall.
18th           The pharmacy I managed in the Willesden Green Gateways has been closed so I was right to jump ship from there. It did too few prescriptions to be viable.
19th            Had to pay to be told out boiler is beyond repair some have a cold house.
20th            Randy's sermon failed to expound the text. Gulas staying. They spoke in the evening, mainly Kathleen as Daniel's English is not confidently fluent. Torville and Dean at Lillehammer Winter Olympics.
21st            Judge refuses Hindu's plea to prevent sale of Southall town hall. Torville and Dean only bronze. Parliament votes for homosexual age of consent to be 18 not 16.
22nd          Council. Hindus have gone to appeal court. Deb refused to go to school.
23rd           Deb back to school but learning support inadequate,
24th          Long elders meeting on the budget.
27th          Preached from Heb 10.
28th          Deb taken to school by Katy. She finds it hard.

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