Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The changing world (211) Apr 1998

Apr 2nd Session.
5th         Rota. Braithwaites here.
6th         Delivering leaflets on Medway estate with help from David and Tristram.
9th       Maundy Thursday working.
10th       Good Friday. Rain leaking from drainpipe at front. While out at Babcock's a wheel was stolen from our Fiat outside our house.
11th        Replacement Fiat wheel from breakers.
12th        Led Easter day service.
13th        Repaired front gutter. Rachel started placement Raven Clinic.
14th        Back to work with PMT -post Maureen tension.
15th        Katy given July date for hysterectomy. Housegroup at Margery's.
16th        Rang N Yorks council who are trying to get trust money but it is securely protected with us.
17th        Letter to Gazette on low levels of fostering placements.
18th        Lunch at Starvin Marvins the American diner on the A40.
19th        David's Dutch friends Duursmas to dinner.  Wondering if my ups and downs are chemical in the brain and/or from God. It would be another decade before I was diagnosed as bipolar.
21st        Busy but tired.
25th        Session mainly on LD. The members are not of one mind. She women think we are to soft as male elders believing the injured young girl. Women who like LD greeting them with a kiss are sympathetic to him. Those who do not want his kisses are not. We told him to stop the kissing and desist from all contact with girls in the church.But our session view is we do not know what happened. Only God and the two people involved know the truth. Delivering leaflets on Costons Lane. Well with us for meals. Walk by Hanwell locks.
26th        David preaching in harrow. Went with katy to visit Margery in Northwick park.
27th        Group. Southall agent is hopeless. TV watched on Paisley in Cameroon.
28th        Last council. Asked if labour were then happy with our policy on sexual equality in education as they had not changed it back to their old one which was the cause of me entering politics 12  years ago. Dunkerly unfairly accused me of being a single issue politician. This was though the single issue that had motivated me into police and soon, when the Tories failed to stand against homosexuality, it would mean I would leave their party. Ken Kettles last council after 30 years. He was soon to die and their house occupied by the daughter fall into neglected disrepair.
29th          Debated Care in the Community with Cudmore the Labour leader.
30th          Visited Margery who is in good spirits after her cancer op three days ago.

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