Friday, October 19, 2018

The changing world (187) Dec 1995

Dec 2nd Elders prayer. Shopped with katy at Macro. Front garden tend. Tim Gray staying. katy and I to good Messiah by Ealing Choral Society, Acton Town Hall. Counter tenor good in place of contralto.
3rd        Morning service disrupted for me trying to help a very distressed Margery after a black in his car tried to rob her. Evening David B on divorce. Pulled a muscle and could not sleep for pain.
4th        Could not get night doctor or quick A&E help before work. Suffered until saw Dr Lancer 4:30 who confirmed muscle strain as ibuprofen has helped. Told boss I was giving notice. He said he was yet to make me a n offer. Oldfield parents will reject plans to have tutorial centre there. Dick keys spoke on heroes.
5th         Boss surprised me offering 5% now and 3% next year which I will probably accept. Home in snow.
6th        Told boss I would accept his offer and that he is grumpy and Indu selfish. Felt better for it. EHHA JCC briefly then a drink with the Labour councillor, Liz Brookes.
7th        Elders prayer. ward meeting.
8th        Deb to youth group then Heppes overnight. With katy doing overseas cards.
9th        Early elders then prayer breakfast. Tiles ordered for kitchen. Costons lunch. Gardening for a short while.
10th      Finished the cards. Rota. Randy led. Katy to youth service.
1th        Deacons.
12th      Brought Margery to encouraging prayer meeting with OM team here for Christmas evangelism.
13th      Katy out to school Christmas meal.
14th      6am set off to Canterbury
 through city. Lost three times but Canterbury 8:30. Left ( with Rachel who navigates well. Home 11:30 then off to work.
15th      After work rejoinder took me to Excelsior and the staff meal cost us £10 each. Good carvers. Home 11pm.
16th      Early session meeting. Our MP's lunch not well attended.
17th      David led for Paul. Teen's service on Freedom. OM did the carol service but few outsiders came.
18th       Rachel has a student's appetite for home cooking.
19th       After lunch donned hired father Christmas suit. Hot but fun. Visited surgery in it.
20th       In the suit at Mansells. EVSC management. Nibbles after and good chat with RC orient from Acton.
21st      Shopped with Katy for final presents at Ealing Broadway. Work in Santa suit. Housegroup Rom 7.
22nd     Visited Georgian House in Santa Suit. Glad to divest myself of it. Staff meal Shahee tandoori Southall, Rachel included but Katy busy at home preparing.
23rd      david home and Hiroko, japanese student from Durham here for the holiday.
24th      Led for David on Mary. Had neighbours, Beldams and Robin to ours for carols. Phoned Steve Constable arranging his visit.
25th      18+lb turkey on atv7am. David B preached well. Chis Baddock and Mr O with us .
26th      J&M with us and grandad too, After lunch a walk up Horsenden Hill. A little snow later.
27th      Back to work Mansells and Mattock lane later.
28th      Prayer with Paul before work. Housegroup Seaber. Very upset at family addicts.
230h      Elders prayer before work. Babcocks and david's friend Tristram with in the evening.
31st       Led covenant service with Bob preaching a rambling sermon on Peter. Soup lunch. Pot luck for evening dinner before games. Phoned Larsons.

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