Saturday, October 27, 2018

The changing world (202) Jul 1997

Jul 1st Tackled Rachel's grant forms and found DSS helpful. Boss offered more money for doing nursing homes. Prayer meeting poorly attended.
2nd      Drier and warmer after the wettest June for 150 years. Henman to quarter finals of Wimbledon. Budget puts 4p on petrol.
3rd       England make a decent start in Ashes test. Henman and Rusetshi out of the tennis. John Paul on WE not too bad.
4th       Threw three thieving glue sniffers out of the shop. John Paul finished WE trying my patience. Rachel to weekend in New Forest.
5th        To Exeter and back with all David's stuff including bike on roof. Listened to 16 year old hinges beat Navratilova in final. Aussies hammering us at Old Trafford.
6th       Led for Joe. Joe and Lucy here. Sampras beat Peoli in final. David preached well in the evening on 'I never knew you'. Disturbances during Orangemen's march in Portadown.
7th       Hot and sticky especially for group in town hall. David started at Cloys, Fulham. Katy diagnosed with tension headache and offered acupuncture. Nema Sandays is WE from Grayton. Central Office man gave presentation to group on campaigning.
8th       Rain called the heat and stickiness. Rachel pleased with 65% for her Hampstead case study.
9th       Katy more anxious than usual about completing tasks at school. Rachel's grant application submitted.
10th     Uneventful SACRE.
11th     Katy late in from open evening.
12th     To Lords with Tony Young and Philip Richardson. B&H one day final Kent 212 for 9 beaten by seven wickets, Surrey. Good food. Back with sunburn especially to face.
13th      Barry led for paul who was not expository and I presided at the Table. Expecting Larson newly weds on a military flight but disappointed they did not come. Babcocks look to be staying this year.
14th     Asked to go on BBC TV concerning homosexuality.
15th     taxi to BBC. Found I was not on the panel but in the audience from where I could say little but when i did it provoked opposition. George Curry, Newcastle and Katy Ivens there. The phone in went against us.
16th      Two customers said they had seen me on TV.
17th      To SS director to plan manifesto and budget. Ward committee. The new female friend of our released arsonist is afraid he will do damage again for she does not want marriage.
18th        Last day for Drayton WE student.
19th        Elders prayer. Bought David desk and shelves from IKEA.
20th        Spoke at Downhurst Nursing home. Bob Heppe spoke in evening.
21st        Continued good spirits. Group Town hall.
22nd      Four questions and three speeches in Council. Home 12:15am.
23rd       Eric and Maite Lardon to dinner. Heard about US army torture school. he is a captain in Special Forces specialising in Middle East international relations being an Arabic speaker.
24th      Hot, sticky and busy at work. Rachel has passed her second year.
25th      Eight hour drive over 430 miles to Scotts at dairy. Walked up their glen and saw where Peden preached to the Covenanters.
26th       Over 200 miles to Glenelg next to Skye.  Visited the Kylsku ferry to Skye.
27th       Free Church service Glenelg. Our landlord is a member. Visited Armisdale, Corran and Loch Hourn.
28th       To Kyle of Lochalsh - rather a dump. Plonkton. Stromeferry which has had no ferry ince 1972. Cloudy back to Glenelg over the pass.
29th        £18 for six trip ferry ticked to Skye. To Aird of Sleat. Walk to Point of Sleat in rain. Back in Glenelg found Geoffrey and Sara had arrived.
30th       Wet all day. Over the ferry and to Dunvegan to see the castle.
31st        Katy tired so stayed in cloudy Glenelg. Saw two mountain goats but they may be domesticated.

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