Thursday, October 04, 2018

The changing world (168) Jan 1994

Jan 1st Daily diary resumed. Borrowed Babcocks Volvo and family to Great Shelford with a tonsillitis Debbie. Met Cattos from Aberdeen at Burroughs. We knew them from Nigeria where Gordon was in commercial employ.
2nd       Led covenant service with David Barnes preaching. Preached from Job1-2 in the evening with only three families. Spoke on LBC phone in against the dishonest bishop of Durham.Dad is tome to Thirsk hospital. He is not 100% mentally.
3rd        Braithwaites and Wells visited us. Deb still has tonsillitis.
4th        Back to work. Assistant off sick bur Rachel came in and helped.
5th        Snoozed in play at Questors.
6th        Awaiting test results to see if deb has glandular fever.
7th        Walked to canal to see where driver killed in a crash in last night's snow. Glandular fever confirmed for Deb.
8th         Cycled to work.
9th          David back to Exeter. Missed Paul Clowney's sermon due to pharmacy rota duty. David Barnes preached in the evening.
10th        Back to dog walking now his master is away. Conservative group debating sale of Southall Town hall to Hindus or Muslims.
11th        Jonathan depressed with no work in prospect. Deb is still weak.
12th        Katy down because I am out so much with church, work and council day for example.
13th        Applied for a job at HMP Holloway. Treated to a beer with the director of environmental services.
14th        After work drove with Katy and deb to Thirsk. Staying with Aunty Myra.
15th        Visited Dad three times in hospital. Poor memory. Low spirits. Lord Tranmire, formerly Robin Turton MP is in the next room. He was father of the House of Commons and leading anti common marketeer.
16th         Thirsk Methodist with Myra. Visited Dad twice before returning to Perivale.
17th          deb nor well enough for school. Jonathan negative job interview at David barnes' firm.
18th          Jonathan offered some part time work but he is very negative about it.
19th          At elders meeting decided to ask for our treasurer to resign over the state of the accounts.
20th         Deb still off school. Rachel helpful with evening work.
21st          Larry to dinner.
22nd         IPC treasurer visited and ne agrees he should resign. Miram here. Rachel away with school fellowship group.
23rd          Jonathan proposed. Miriam accepted. Paul Clowney on Heb 8.
24th          Jonathan stared work Leslie Oliver and co, note taking in court. Deb still off school.
26th          Jonathan says wedding next year.
29th          Larry preached Heb 9.
30th          Deb back to school.

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