Sunday, December 09, 2018

Diary w/e 15 Dec 2018

Sun 9 Dec

Chris Roberts on God's eternity then incarnation from Gal3. Japanese lady baptised after conversion through our English classes.I preached advent from Mat 24 at Harmondsworth. Abut 20 there with three new Nigerians.

Mon 10

Our best friends Elliott and Marti Larson to dinner with us.

Tue 11

Surgery at Central Middlesex. My urolift surgery was not too uncomfortable and I am recovering at home with some minimal continuing discomfort.

Wed 12

Post-operative discomfort. Dysuria. Urge incontinence. Haematuria. Had to miss housegroup. U3A history on ancient Iraq. Mesopotamia cradle of the first recorded civilisation - Sumerian.

Th 13

Rather down in spirits due to the above post-op condition. had to miss elders prayer.

Fri 14

Still post-operative indisposition with little improvement yet. So I could not accompany Katy and help with the weekly shopping.

Sat 15

Much improved though not yet 100% but should be back out tomorrow.

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