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The changing world (268) Aug-Sep 2003

Aug 1st Breakfast of biscuits with gravy at Indian reservation, Whispering Springs. Near Mount Hood. Crossed Columbia River. On forest road round Mt St Helens. 344 miles to Scapoose on the side not devastated. $120 dinner for four overlooking Portland.
2nd        365 miles to Vancouver. Fly home via Calgary. best ever holiday. 3655 miles in 10 days driving.
3rd         Slept a little. Only saw Liverpool, N Wales, Bristol Channel, Isle of Wight, Brighton, Met by R&A.
6th         London's hottest day 96F.
9th         96 again and paddling pool in garden for Bethany.
10th       Chuck Phillips, PCA Mobile Al good on prayer. I presided at Table. Hottest day ever 100F. Pete B did Ruth in evening in chapel to be cooler.
11th        The a/c never got the pharmacy below 82F. Police at the Afghans No 70.
12th        Just after midnight Afghan woman ran screaming down the road. Dialled 999. Police questioned them. Session. BCO, pastoral problems, PL's radical plans for worship.
14th         Dinner at Mama Calabar, Hendon. Erik businessman next table paid our bill. Severe power outage in E Canada and NE USA.
15th         Phoning LB daily to encourage her through depression.
16th         Travellers Guild in receivership. We lost over £2000.
17th         Led for Joe. Evening preached Ruth 2-4.
18th         Offer accepted on Rosary Court, Potters bar.
19th         After much delay Briggs has papered ceiling.
20th         Katy brought LB here. We want to encourage her to be active in her depression.
22nd        After work Warrington session with Bill, Roy and mark. I paid for a meal and beer and no-one paid me back.
23rd         To White hart Lane where we lost 2-1.
24th          Preached Ex 32. Holiday Bible Club, SCUBA had the chapel look like it was under the sea.
25th         To Bradwell marina and on Rosie, Leapers boat, up River Blackwater.  Out under sail, back under power. Not impressed by the experience.
26th          LB much improved on new medication.
28th           Nigerian Amos took me to lunch. he is RC priest of deceased ECWA evangelist father and now Muslim mother in Tangale Wake. PL concerned about what is going on in SCUBA.
29th          Kelly enquiry hears from Blair. Campbell resigns as his press secretary.
31st          SCUBA ends. Levy excellent on rich young fool. I preached 1Sam 1-2 pm.
Sep 1st     Difficult pastoral visit to DB. He will not lead the ordination service as he is unhappy with he elders over worship still.
4th           Visited Amos at Society for African Missions.
5th           PL frustrated by DB opposition to worship changes so I phoned encouragement.
6th           To Oval with Trevor, Roy and Brian Huseland. Brian is a PCA missionary. I tell Americans they can get alongside Englishmen by taking interest in football. But to be a super missionary you should learn about cricket. Saw England go 167/2 to 503/7.Double century Tescothick with Thorpe in biggest ever stand in England against SA.
7th           Ordination of Paul Levy. Full house. I lad for Dick Lusa preaching.Pot luck. PL led prayer meeting. Denham leaving us for St Pauls.
12th           Brian Huseland staying. Deb to Legoland with Skiotis family.
13th           Presbytery. Not happy to have Mark H in the chair and him the only Liss elder resent. Not happy to be rushing into BEC. Tensions at City of Peace.
14th           Full house for PL starting Phi 1. Good.Forgot communion elements. Pot luck for Skiotis back after five years. Visited pam H in private hospital. Willy Philip excellent in evening on worship.
16th           Off work with fever. Antibiotic prescribed.
17th           A&E Ealing Hospital. Cellulits. Visited Halletts.
18th           Temperature down. Leg red and sore.
19th            Iranian neighbour's mother died. Big funeral and feast.
20th            PL took me to oak Hill free church consultation on ministerial training. Waste of time.
21st            Hristo took me to Kingston IPC 25th anniversary. Met S Korean ambassador. Preached 1Sam 2-3 in evening.
22nd            Ealing hospital A&E again. Decided against admission.
25th             Back to work. End of inquiry into kelly's suicide. Leg bandaged up.
27th             Drove to near Leicester for EPCEW presbytery. Good reception but sad no indication of desire for better links with IPC.
28gth           Led for PL on Phi 1 again. Speech for Denham's leaving. John Wilson walk from St Pauls. Christian Heritage. Preached 1Sam 4-6.

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