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The changing world (278) Jan-Mar 2006

Jan 1st PL excellent on Es 4. 21 Larsons there and 10 Lloyds. Burroughs, JMBH with us.
2nd      J%Co left after lunch.
5th       With K to orange Tree, Totteridge, for Godwin's farewell. Posh and expensive.
7th        Braithwaites at Bromham. Alcoholic Kennedy resigns as liberal leader.
8th        Pl on fulfilling law. Very good. Pm Noah. Full house twice.
9th        Cameron is merely Blair dressed in bluish colour.
10th      Enjoyed the first of the $40 box of cigars from the late Mick Langley.
11th      Lounge full for church prayer. Nurse karen renewed bandage on my lympodemous leg.
12th      Lunch at Oak Hill with Celeal Becker, Turkish convert. Joel to dinner. Elders discus deacons.Sent home 10pm by PL as I was snoring.
13th      Elliott and Martin to dinner. David phoned and has found Robert Weeks b. 1788 Wick and Absom.So that is where the name is from.
14th      Five hour long session on deacons.
15th      PL good on perfect righteousness. He preached on Barnabas at joint service with Koreans at Haven green. Lee, Spurs midfielder there.
17th     K at first Christianity Explored.
20th     Bottlenose whale lost in the Thames.
21st     Whale dies.
22nd    PL Mat 6. Dimitri Ps 12. I presided. R,A and Paul Larson family to lunch. Two little Larson females en route from Liverpool to Kenya.
25th     K off school with laryngitis.
26th     Encouraging session prayer. PL and AR opposed an Edinburgh church plant.
27th     Bryce and Ashley hales visited.
28th     Presbytery chaired by Wade. Gideon Song has planted in Baku, Azerbaijan. Excellent Korean Glee Club Choir at Haven green.
29th     PL on Our Father. Gordon and Caroline Figgett to lunch. Dick Lucas on 1 Jn.
Feb 1st Sabbatical started. God spirit at prayer meeting.
2nd       K to hospital for steroid injection which did not seem to do any good but left her immobile from the waist down for an hour.
3rd       R&A may leave Oldfield for IPC.
5th       Jane Eyre very good at Richmond, especially the dog. Hristo staying. Led for Richard Bewes. Dick Lucas 1 Jn.
6th       Row continues over danish Mo cartoons. Shammi silent.
7th       Deb interviewed at Great Ormond Street.
10th     Deb did not get GOS job.
11th      Canterbury and visited David in Roman museum.
12th      Barton Evangelical church. Chorousy and female leading.
14th      Smoking banned in pubs etc.
19th      PL Your kingdom come.  Rut 1 pm. Boumas and Daphne to lunch.Fatalities in Maiduguri riots.
21st      R&A rang from Gatwick telling K he had left his passport in his flat. Took time to get it and by the time she got to them their flight had left for Brazil and they lost half of their fortnight holiday.
Resolved to get mobiles.
24th     Red Ken suspended for a month for abusing a journalist but he still gets paid.
26th     PL, Thy will be done and Rut 1. Meiners and Clara to lunch.
27th     Steve Pound active over Arts Council grant to Jerry Springer the Opera.
Mar 1st Mike and Bonnie Mahoney, SDAs from Kabul to dinner.
2nd       Deb at Club 16.
3rd        J&Co here. Blair criticised for saying he prayed before going to war.
4th        To see new Wembley and roof going on. Elizabeth on labour.
5th        E back home not in labour. PL on Daily bread and Rut 1. No so good as sometimes.
6th        E caesar,. Ashford.2:45pm Zachary Jhn 9lb. EUPHORIC. The line is safe.
7th        To see grandson after work.
8th        New boss Mike visited. R&A back from Brazil. Fell asleep while reading aloud in housegroup.
9th        Z back to hospital with jaundice.
10th      Z some better on drip.
12th      PL excellent on Forgive us our debts. Pm Ruth redeemer. Z home.
13th      Deb in Canterbury for the week.
15th      Commonwealth games Melbourne.
16th      Man ill after drug trial Northwick park.
17th      Gas people tell us we need a new system.
18th      Lunch with Wells. Nabucco at Richmond.
19th      Led for Perrin. He dined with us. PL on Boaz.
21st      British gas quote £5000.
25th      K&D on child protection course. I refuse to be checked to prove I am not a paedophile.
26th      PL on temptation. Surprise visit of MC Matthews. PL Rut 3 pm.
29th      CB has fallen for a Malaysian woman who cannot get a visa.
31st      Henry V at Questors. Libby and Becky staying.

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