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The changing world (266) Apr-Jun 2003

Apr 5th To a cottage in Instow Devon with JMB.
6th         Parish church 1662 communion enjoyable despite having female celebrant. To the other side of the estuary on a toll road.
7th         Bideford, Clovelly, Atlantic Village, Appledore.
8th         Bideford and walk by Torridge.
9th         Morwenstow. hawker's hut, church, Duckpool, Bure. Bagdad has fallen and saddam's statue toppled.
10th       Ilfracombe. Hair raising drive round edge of cliffs to lee Abbey. Walked from Lynton to Lynmouth seeing the flood memorial exhibition. Exmoor.
11th       Torrington and 1646 exhibition walk about the fall of the town to Fairfax. South Moulton honey farm.
13th        Preached for Palm Sunday. D&E arrived and announced her pregnancy.
17th        Session discussed handover NP to PL. He should be a breath of fresh air.
19th        Paid £2600 for paving and front wall.
20th        Preached Easter day evening.
26th        With G&S to Bourton on the water, an expensive tourist trap.
27th         Evening preaching Jud 17-18.
May 1st   Fiddler on the Roof at Questors. Conservative gains in local elections.
3rd          To The Knave, Stone, Dorset. To village evacuated for the army in 1943.
4th           C of E common worship which s dumbed down 1662. Worth Maltravers. St Anselm's head. Wareham.
5th           Weymouth. Parkland. Home.
6th           Joint elders and deacons. Interviewed Larsons about Afghanistan. Budget.
7th           Not happy NP leaving sooner than expected so I will have extra work.
11th         St Mary's Bredin. Not my cup charismatic tea. Home.
15th         Katy told chronic arthritis in her neck is the cause of the headaches.
16th         Kabiru Mohammed from Nigeria came via HOST. Conversation hard.
18th         Preached last three chapters of Judges pm.
20th         Last session chaired by NP. Not organised as usual. PL present.
22nd        Police block off tally Ho due to bomb scare at Chief rabbi's office.
23rd         Huis from LA to dinner.
24th         To Lords with Kunars. Zimbabwe went form 41 for 1 to all out for 144. Follow on and all out giving England an innings and 100 run victory.
25th          To Wilmslow. Took Luck to see Joe in stoke unit Macclesfield Hospital. To Bowes Moor Hotel. Not impressed.
26th           Barnard Castle steam fair. Otter sanctuary. Tan Hill.
27th           Richmond. Dorothy's new flat. With G&S to Thwaite, Ambleside, Grasmere, Ullswater. Halletts are at our hotel now.
28th           Beamish open air museum. Crowded. Ride on Locomotion replica. Back via Weardale and Teesdale.
29th            Richmond. Took Dorothy Redcar, Brunswick bay,Whitby, Ravenscar Pickering.
30th            Teesdale, Cow Green reservoir, Caudron Spout,Alson, Hadrian's Wall.
31st             Middleton, High Force, Teesdale reservoirs, Balderhead, Brough.
Jun 1st        Home via a friend of Katy's Hustwaite. David will go for FIEC ministry as he fell out with the Anglican bishop who refused to sign the IVF basis of faith. So David did not allow him to speak at a CU.
2nd             IPC AGM. Farewell to emotional NP. I thanked him on behalf of the church but am not sorry he is going.
8th              Not encouraged by lack of response to first sermon on encouragement. After DB led evening prayer went home with him to pray for Lesley who is acutely depressed.
9th              Brown says no to the Euro at present.
12th            Katy to huge Jonny Walsh RC funeral. Where were they all when he was in prison?
14th            To Isle of Dogs for synod. Saddened by only two Koreans there. They have lost three congregations. Agenda BCO, seminary, City of Peace. Val Denham 40th at IPC.
15th            Response to second encouragement sermon more encouraging.
18th             Deb's college exhibition. She will get a distinction.
21st             To Hampton Court for Grand Turk river boat reception for helen Wells wedding. Good buffet. Free bar. Home to next door's SA brie.
22nd            Third encouragement sermon. PCA Chatanooga team there. To Liss AGM. Is the St Peter's scheme foolhardy?
28th             Sunburned at the Oval. Kallis century in SA 255 for 6. Then England record 200 opening partnership by Solanki and Trescothick. Kunars, Chris and Trevor there.
29th             Fourth sermon on encouragement. Troubled by LB's continued depression.

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