Saturday, December 15, 2018

Diary w/e 22 Dec 2018

Sun 16 Dec

Due to continued waterworks problems I did not go to morning service but enjoyed Sinclair Ferguson's 'Some pastors and teachers' and also Gavin Peacock on BBC1 on how he became a pastor. Evening was our first IPC carol service. Katy was one of thirteen musicians. The children sang beautifully and Paul preached the gospel. Followed by mince pies and mulled wine.

Mon 17 Dec

Katy enjoyed the Christmas concert  at out granddaughter's school but why would two church schools give a concert with no mention of the real Christmas gospel?

Tue 18 Dec

Dropped Katy and cello at the Town Hall for the annual carol service there. Excellent accompaniment by three strings and three woodwind plus piano.

Wed 19 Dec

Housegroup social with Caribbean chicken curry and also oxtail.

Th 20 Dec

Katy took Hazel and me to Ealing Hospital 7:30 am for her cataract surgery. She was very apprehensive and getting her consent was tough and go but all went painlessly well and she was home by 1pm.

Fri 21 Dec

Shortest day. Things can only get better. Tescos have no frozen turkeys.

Sat 22 Dec

Seven of us breakfasted and Bible study together before the book table. Cooked roast beef dinner then could not partake with uncharacteristic stomach pains.

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