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The changing world (280) Oct-Dec 2006

Oct 1st PL good on image of God and on Ecc 2.
7th       Oldfield mans' prayer breakfast at Sudbury Hill golf club. Royal Brunei to Dubai. No booze but good food.
8th       Taxi to next terminal. Katy covered but gawped at as we awaited Arianair to Kabul where Elliott met us. A was house to their house behind 8'walls.
9th        Loma Lindi hospital with E where one late arriving post grad medic had the excuse of having been summoned to be the president's doctor. Took E&M to a Sufi restaurant. Ramadan and we were the only diners. $62 for the four of use including my shish.
10th      Babur's garden being rebuilt after civil war. SERVE meeting.
11th      Woman speaker not impressed at the church which meeting behind closed doors in an expat compound. The last church building was destroyed years ago.
12th      With Mark and Sue to the national gallery. No Islamic art only the Western art which survived the Taliban because the curators hid it. Pizza Express lunch despite Ramadan. The restaurant had been bombed previously.
13th       At ARM=OM gathering. reasonable sermon. About 200 at Community Church. N exposition of the text.
14th       Visited Daralasam place ruins. Took M&S to Thai restaurant. Automatic rifle on the door. Excellent at £90 for four.
15th       With M to SERVE office then to Paghman. Enabling and mobilising the disabled. Deaf, blind and handicapped children in school. Quargha dam. At dinner met Barbara Busse PCUSA missionary.
16th       Bomb on the way to the airport. Every lunchtime we hear the collected land mines being detonated. Bought a souvenir hat in the market. we were able to go out. In later years expats could not go out without being accompanied and radio alert.
17th       Our flight cancelled. We think the finance minister commandeered the plane. AIM housegroup. Met a medic who had been there many years and who was later murdered with all his colleagues when on an ophthalmic tour.
18th       Bribes demanded to get through the airport checks. Karama hotel Dubai. Landrover desert safari and barbecue. Too hot to eat - desert not the food.
19th       Red bus tour. Museum. An hour on the creek. Second bus tour. Incredible building work including the world's tallest. 25% to the world's tower cranes work here.  Left behind my camera in a shop. The second one I have lost on holiday. Cruise with dinner around the harbour. waiting for taxi to the airport it was evident that many Arabs were picking up Asian whores in the hotel. Grid lock on the way to the airport caused anxiety but fortunately though we were late so was our plane coming in from Brunei so all was well.
20th    Home. GP says I need simvastatin.
21st    D&Co here. Zac though to have swallowed sharp piece of Lego but A&E said he is OK. R&A accept offer on their flat.
22nd   PL not so hot on Gen2 but good on Ecc 3. I spoke on Afghanistan.
24th    Told to have Xray heart scan at Wellington hospital due to calcium in arteries.
26th    Theresa upset . Son Shaun arrested for burglary. Arthur Rayner announced he was visiting with his partner who hails from Greenford. Got along well on family history etc. no confrontation concerning adultery.
27th     J&Co here. B quite vocal. H noisy but inarticulate.
28th     Took girls to see highland cattle on Horsenden hill.
29th     Led for P Boddington and did children's take with veiled Afghan dolls. Led for AR who did well.
31st     Visited Joun Stewart out with MS from 8/12 hospital and death of his mother. A&R bought Dorringtom house.
Nov 1st  To JS again at lunch.
2nd         To TS again. He has no relative closer than Wakefield.
3rd          To Harrogate.
4th           Picked up Dorothy in Richmond. Lunch Hawes creamery. Beer in Dent. Richmond. harrogate.
5th           Took Sara's mum to Richmond Methodist and King's Arm's lunch. Home.
6th           Visited JS.
8th            As above.
10th          Ditto. BNP leader not guilty of rase hate for saying Islam a wicked vicious religion.
11th          Two hours at wellington hospital for tests.
12th          PL good on marriage and on ECC 5. Barnes and Jennifer Courtney to lunch. Aaron Lawler and family are leaving IPC over children in services they say. So all lawyers will have departed.
13th          Ealing haematology say blood some better.
14th          Doing Ancestry research. Visited JS. Quick half AGM at IPC.
15th          Trescothick retires fro verses tour with 'stress'.
16th          Visited JS. Family tree uploaded to web.
17th          Hammersmith hospital blood volume test and spleen scan.
18th          Wellington hospital for second heart scan.
19th          Great Shelford Free Church. I do not like their services. Lunch at all you can eat Wok N'Grill. Eleven of us a@£10.80 each.
21st          Session prayer at Levy's.
22nd        taxi to and from St Mary's hospital for stroke research.
23rd        Up to 12:30 am for start of Ashes in Brisbane. Visited JS.
25th        F&C with cod £4.10.
26th        PL good on Gen 3. I led. Piestrups to lunch and Gillian Thomson. Roe family arrived. he gave testimony pm.
27th        Dennis treated us to harvester.
28th        Petrol 86.9p/l. Theresa off as son in court. magistrates refer it to crown court. Visited JS.
29th        Visited JS who is now bedridden.
Dec 1st   Liviu staying.
2nd         Presbytery
3rd          PL good on the fall. Tom Courtney good but long. I presided at table.
4th          Joel and family to dinner.
5th          Dinner at Figgetts.
6th          JS visited. Failing. The 100+ year old cedar has been illegal felled by the developers .
7th          £3000 for new central heating. Old system dirty and never flushed. Stared Christmas cards. Mini tornado Kensal Rise.
8th          JS unable to sit up in bed. Told Dr parker. Cards done to H.
9th          To Braithwaite's then Judy J's 60th at IPC. Steel band.
10th        PL good on Gen 3:15. To Great Shelford.
11th        Session here.
13th        Pleased to see JS up and in easy chair. K playing cello at Shaftesbury House carols.
14th        GP put me on irbesartan and referred me to chest specialist.
15th        JS failing rapidly.
17th        PL good again on Gen 3:15. Nikides to lunch. Full house for carol service including four from 73 Lee rd.
18th        JS to hospital. Session.
20th        Record day of 540 scripts in 480 minutes.
21st        With Littles including seniors to Sunderban to celebrate exchange of contracts.
22nd       Dinner at Meiners.
23rd        J&Co here.
24th        Led for PL on Ph 2. JS died.
25th        PL good with handcuffs from Cherry Pye. Chis b and veronica with us.
26th        A&R to lunch and he brought £400 caviar.
27th        Jonathan and Katy Gray's post wedding party at IPC.
30th         Saddam Hussein hanged.
31st         Brought Fenelia to hear me on Ps 21. Paul M on Dec 3.


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