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The changing world (273) Oct to Dec 2004

Oct 1st IPC internationals evening but no-one came.
2nd       Blithe Spirit at Richmond.
3rd        PL good on Hag1 and Abrahamic covenant.' Session and deacons on new building proposals.
6th        Good members meeting on proposed rebuilding.
7th        Elders prayer.
9th        Great Shelford.
10th      Simon Wakeling from Oak Hill good on David and Goliath. He has left C of E. Came to lunch.
13th      Good church prayer meeting.
16th      Heathrow BA Baltimore. Gordon took us to Kenneth in Alexandria.
17th      Alexandria PCA. Missionary from Japan. Lunch with Skilling family. To Washington's Mount Vernon home.
18th      Kenneth dropped us at the Lincoln Memorial. Vietnam Wall.Coach tour via White House and Union Station. Arlington cemetery.
19th      White House visitor centre. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Saturn rocket large and space capsule small.
20th       Picked u hire car. 240 miles to Paul and Aleysia in Washington, RA. Dave Kifer to dinner.
21st        600 milled to Soutborough. PA.NJ.NY.CN.MA.
22nd       To Scott and Jennifer. Bears and moose around their house not seen.
23rd        Walk by lake.
24th        IPC votes unanimously for building redevelopment. Madison Baptist. Rather liberal.  420 miles to NJ through New York city. Mount Laurel.
25th       To Allan Winger Philadelphia Biblical University. Liberty bell, Independence hall. Carol Mather visited us back at the motel.
26th       Mark Babcock 6'8'due to pituitary problems. Went to one class at Westminster Seminary. Dined with Mawsons.
27th       150 miles to DC. Gordon Babcock took us to Chesapeake bay. Met Rita.
28th        Visited Gordon's mother in Cumberland and friends fostering on a farm.
29th        Annapolis.
30th        Elliot City. Railway museum. Baltimore airport.
31st        Met by R&A.
Nov 2nd Church prayer poorly attended.
3rd         Happiest day of politics for ten years as Kerry conceded and bush id president.
5th         NE England rejects a regional assembly.
6th         Going Straight at Richmond.
7th         I took snails to pot luck. Visited Howard Ha in hospital for colostomy. PL had 26 from 10 countries for NT covenant.
11th       Did the two minutes slim]nce at work.
12th       JMBH here.
14th      PL on elders then children of covenant.
15th      Encouraging session.
17th      Elizabeth Nikides died age 21.
19th      Madeline tells me to stop visiting. She wants to follow the AA programme.
20th      Took Paul C to see Lady in the Van. Susan Hampshire in brilliant Bennett at Richmond.
21st       PL good on elders. 110 miles to Canterbury. Church and Sahara's baptism. New C of E liturgy is not reformed. Noisy music. Drove home.
22nd     PL led half annual members meeting pretty well.
23rd      Visited MB who has discharged herself from hospital. Great memorial service for Elizabeth Nikides Andrew Jones great on Rev 7. Did Christmas letter.
26th      Teresa says she will work for me again. Susan has to go. Farrelly to dinner and Tim Mares MTW.
27th      To Culcheth. Found PL stranded at Keele with petrol in a diesel hire van. Joint presbytery with EPCEW after a 15 year gap. Stayed at Kunars after my final session for their church.
28th       Preached at Brian H's ordination. Joel R, MH and I decided we should drop MP as theologian of IPC. Back to home via leapers. S Constable great n Joseph in prison.
29th       CPA planning meeting. Invited because i had a letter in the New Statesman.
30th       Drink with S Constable at The Kent.
Dec 2nd E and Sahara here. Blanket in headline because of an affair.
5th          PL on duty of elders. Malaysian student Sue staying. Preached 1Sam 19.
6th         Cards done up to R.
7th         Hairdresser dyed my hair for Father Christmas. Prayer meeting with phone link to Larsons in Afghanistan.
Cards done to T.
8th         PL round on pastoral visit.
9th         Only PL to session.
11th       To JMBH for Bethany's fourth birthday. More talkative but limited sounds.
12th        Pl on members responsibility to elders. Two Russian Estonians (Natalia) and Ben to lunch. PL very good at carol service.
13th        Roofers at work.
14th        Central Middlesex consultant wants to refer K to Charing cross surgeon.
15th        Blunkett reigns as home secretary over an affair.
18th        Roofers finished.
19th        PL excellent Luk 2. I did 1sam 19.
24th        J%Co here.
25th        PL good at 10am. Lunch at Littles senior.
26th        Led for PL. 11,00+ dead from tidal waves in Sumatran earthquake.
27th        We looked after H while R&A took JMB on Eye.
28th        J&Co left. To Nikides Gants hill for dinner.
31st        Meiners round for evening with three daughters and son in law.

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