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The changing world (280) Jul-Sep 2006

Sat 1st F S Trueman died. Eng 0 Portugal 0. Rooney sent off. Lost 3-1 on penalties.
2nd      Breakfast under gazebo. Preached introduction to proverbs.
5th       M&S Larson at IPC on Afghanistan. K retires from school after 19 years.
7th       Did two minutes silence for the 52 killed in London 2005.
8th       To Nikides barbecue with BN recovering from pulmonary embolism.
9th        Dimitri Ps 20. Shan Shan and Jennifer Courtney to lunch. Preached on Wisdom. Italy win World Cup beating France on penalties.
11th      Saw Middlesex beat Hampshire at Southgate 20:20. Session mainly on deacons training.
12th      200+ killed by Mumbai railway bombs.
13th      Lost £44 ticket on way to Lords and bought a £62 one top of grandstand. England batting against Pakistan. Hannah fell from bed and broke collar bone.
14th      Drove to Paddington for an Indian with Erica.
15th      Shocked to find i had a parking ticket last night.  To Canterbury.
16th      St Mary's. Reculver. Back for Dimitri and Ben's farewell party.
17th      Session met with deacons. Not happy that Aaron is for not doing the boiler in case of redevelopment.
19th      97F. Went to paddington and found where i parked was restricted until 8:30pm hence the ticket.
20th      3% pay rise awarded.
21st      Terry Beldam to dinner.
22nd     To Southgate, Middlesex v Sussex. Home early in afternoon due to rain.
23rd      Led for Ralph Kelley of Atlanta.  Four of them to lunch. Preached on folly. Israel bombs Hezbollah in Lebanon.
24th      At Perceval House examined objectionable plans proposed for next door, 73. Officer thinks it will be refused.
25th      Anglia quote £2500 for new front porch etc.
26th      Led prayer meeting.
27th      To Eccleshall. Cheadle parish church. Jonathan Woodworth married Barbara Woodcock.
28th      Pm preached on the sluggard.
31st      Rachel pregnant.
Aug 2nd Led prayer meeting with reduced summer numbers.
4th          Israel continues to attack Hezbollah.
5th          Again led for Ralph Kelley then I preached on the friend.
8th          With deb to QPR 2 Leeds 2.
10th        Flights held up as suspected suicide bombs in hand luggage.
11th        All arrested are pakistanis. They want d to down perhaps ten planes.
12th        To Burroughs and RSPB reserve walk.
13th        PL church as willing service. Me Proverbs, words.
14th        Lebanon cease fire.
17th        Our Lebanese next door escaped the country via Syria. Christian areas unaffected only the Shi'ite ones helped by Iran.
19th        Coach South Mimms to Dover. Shearings holiday. Calais. Rheims.
20th        All of France shut on Sunday. Hergeswal posh hotel.
21st        Charted boat on lake to Lucerne. Coach back
22nd       Coach to Briedel to see wood carvers. Good fondue Interlaken. Train to grindewald. Coach back.
23rd        Coach to Thun then Berne.
24th        Coach through Gothard pass to Italian wine cantons. Lunch in German Diminis. Back over pass in Glacier Express.
25th        Endlbeg then mt Titilis. Three cable cars. Cloudy but in the sun above cloud on top.
26th        Bought a local travel ticket for the next week. Across lake then up funicular. Biggest lift in Europe.
27th        Rain. Local reformed German church. no welcome whatsoever. Disgusting.
28th        Dull day some rain but we can criss cross the lake on the boats.
29th        Train to Interlaken.
30th        Snow on peaks. Boat, cable car, train up mountain.Rigi.
31st        Boat to Alpenstad. Funicular to Pilates. 48% steepest in the world.Back by cable cars, bus, train.
Sep 1st     Cloudless day. Train to Apsnach. Mountain railway up Pilatus. Down by train. Train to harness. Funicular. cable car. Stansehorn.
2nd         550 miles to hotel at St Omer.
3rd          Boat to Calais. Coach to South mimes. Mini bus home. PL fine on Gen 1.
4th          Session. Will look to expand chapel.
6th          Still watering garden by buckets.
7th          K&D to new 24/7 club.
9th          Penelope Keith in Entertaining Angles at Richmond.
10th        Hristo took me in Merc to Liss for ordination of David Sacherneim. Richard Bewes excellent pm.
11th        Still watering.
13th        PL back from Baku. Filling in visa forms for Afghanistan.
16th        Afghan visas arrived. Canterbury.
17th        Zac baptised. Vicar spoke about trip to Mozambique and his wife danced. Ugh.
19th        Paid £600 by Glaxo Stockley park for training their reps.
20th        Still watering.
22nd        Farrelly visiting us. Noelle Hussein to dinner too.
23rd        PL moderating presbytery. committed to growth.
24th        Led for A Waldecker v good on Ex 33. Christine told about Timosoara pm.
26th        GP says bp up, lose weight. Ealing hospital wired me up for cardiac test over 24 hours.
28th         Edgware pm for audit instructions and poor veggie food.
29th         New front porch from Anglia.

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