Monday, December 31, 2018

Diary w/e 29 Dec 2018

Sun 23 Dec

PL on the politics of Christmas, Mat 2. After a good lunch I was drowsy. Leeds were 2-0 down so I had a siesta only to find I was a man of little faith. We won 2-3. Dropped Katy for our second carol service at which our granddaughter read. At 4pm the lights went out at home. Only our house. My kind son in law found it was merely a tripped circuit breaker. But until he sorted it, reading by a candle made me realise how we take blessings for granted, in this case electricity. I had around twenty the Immigration Removal centre service. New men from Ghana, Brazil, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. I preached from Mat 2 on who is he and what he came to do.

Mon 24 Dec

Took a very grumpy Hazel to have here eyes checked. She complained of a 9am appointment but that was because it is Christmas eve. Roads exceptionally quiet. Carrots, parsnips, sprouts prepared. Potatoes par boiling. SWMBO on with bread sauce and stuffing for 7.5Kg turkey.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day - church . Seven musicians this morning including a family quartet. Levy firs rate message, the baby is real, royal and rescuing. 7.5Kg turkey fed seven for dinner then I cut the meat off the bone for Debbie's turkey and broccoli bake for 12 at Rachel's tomorrow. 3Kg of meat will be more than enough. After the Queen's Christian message I had a siesta.

Boxing day

Twelve for lunch at the Littles and fifteen for tea when Adrian's daily joined us. Lethargic and inactive all day. Rachel's first foster child is a delight but photos are banned on social media so I did not take any of her, a quiet eighteen month old mixed race girl. Jonathan and family returned home.

Th 27 Dec

Quiet at home and not so lethargic.

Fr 28 Dec

David and family arrived in the evening with two dogs staying two nights.

Sat 29 Dec

David and family visited his sister and family. Katy made use of the left over turkey for a fine curry for seven.

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