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The changing world (283) Jul - Sep 2007

Jul 1st PM on deacons too long. PL Mar 2, new wine.
2nd     Good session prayer. Booked Janice Winehouse, Amy's mother as locus. Doctor arrested over Glasgow bomb.
3rd       David put his grandad on Youtube.
4th       mark and Sue excellent prayer meeting on Afghanistan
5th       K&D to HBC planning.
6th       Slow A406 made me late to Cath Benton's funeral. AH good tribute. PL sermon. I prayed. Burial. At tea talked with Cath's cousin who was a diplomat in Berlin responsible for visiting Hesse in Russian sector prison.
7th        Canterbury. Visited david curating city museum.
8th        10am St Mary's service. By Wincheap roundabout to see Le Tour. Enjoyable advertising parade. Home.
9th        Encouraging session with DB on Muslim work. 7/7 2005 bombers found guilty.
11th       Bombers get life, 40 years. For the first time in years wide awake in house group.
12th       Ealing hospital ECG, take amlodipine, book ECHO.
13th       Enjoyed first night of y=the Proms.
14th       Deb to Chelmsford EPCEW barbecue. K and I to Osterley House embroidery exhibition.
15th       PL on Genesis God tolerating sin and pm man without heart and hatred of unbelievers.
18th       Baddock to supper as usual before housegroup at which I was again awake.
19th       Lords. We batted but stopped for bad light. Strauss 96.
22nd      Dorset for Field's ruby wedding lunch. Floods Worcs and Glos.
23rd       Floods spearhead to Oxon.
24th       David cycling Wells to lands End.
25th       Charing Cross sleep clinic say I am OK for a year now.
26th       Still depressed. B&H here.
27th       Floods abating.
28th       Down. J,M and her parents here.
29th       Led twice for John Legg. They to lunch.
Aug 2nd £238 for new glasses.
3rd          To Harrogate. Foot and mouth in Surrey.
4th          Fountains Abbey. Ilkley.
5th          G preached E Keswick. Home.
9th          Anniversary meal Osteria Del Portico £68 for two. Tasty. Slow. pricey.
10th        Ealing hospital treadmill heart test OK.
11th        Oval against India. They had made 600+ but we failed to get 300.
12th        Good to have PF back. Not so hot on Rom 5 but good on Habituate 1.
18th        Lords for Durham v Hampshire one day final.
19th        PL on Luk 18 then Has 2-3. Boumas, Soarer and Fox to lunch.
21st        3.5% pay rise agreed. Down.
25th        Heard Mark Dishley on Zimbabwe trip at Church of the Ascension.
26th        Ian Clements from Grove chapel. Jennifer and Natalia to lunch. I preached cry of dereliction. HBC prayer.
28th        ECHO at Ealing. GP says bp better. Checking 73's planning application. Told it will be approved.
Sep 1st  Elliott and Martin to dinner.
2nd        PL good on gospel fast Lewis Allen good on ps 23.
5th         Oval ODI India. 315 with mask arenas 30 off last five balls. India won with a ball to spare. Lost my coring book but was returned.
6th         Encouraging session prayer. Christine and Mirella arrived from Romania.
7th         Romanian guests and most of presbytery to mental Turkish restaurant.
8th         Lords with Trevor. India all out 186 in 48 overs. We beat that in 37 overs with three wickets lost. Angry at Indian crowd booing Flintoff when the umpires made mistakes.
9th         Farrelly on Rich young ruler.Not impressed but not bad. Romanians to tube. Braithwaites to lunch.
15th       Wells unexpectedly to lunch. I had not put it in the diary.
16th        Down. PL good Gen 9 and Mk 3.
17th        Daphne for piano lesson bought in auction of pledges.
18th        JS's sister and brother in law treated me to lunch and have me a box JS had made as I had asked for a moment.
21st        Down. Larry Beckler to dinner.
22nd       J&Co here. Midsummer Night's Dream Richmond. Rubbish. Left at interval. Sensual. Parts in Indian languages.
23rd       Led for PL on rainbow. Larry pm.
28th       Down at session.
29th       Session encouraging prospect of Persian work.
30th       PL excellent on Noah's sin. Amir, Pam H and Seabers to lunch. Masih Ghar ordination, particularisation, baptism.

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