Saturday, December 01, 2018

The changing world (260) Aug 2002

Aug 1st At home with fever.
2nd       GP says PUO but fever down and worked in afternoon. To Canterbury over the bridge.
3rd        Visited Walmer castle home of warden of the Cinque Ports.
4th         St Mary's Brede. Visited martyrs memorial and Battle of Britain museum. Home.
5th         Excellent dinner at R&A's. Marjorie in Meadow House hospice.
6th         Visited Madeline who is more positive.
7th          Housegroup here.
9th          J&M here. Bethany walking.
10th        Bethany with us all day as parents off to a wedding.
11th        NP Rom 7. Visited Marjorie in hospice at Ealing hospital.
13th        Heathrow to Bucharest. Romanians took us to American flat.Met Dutch couple. Taken to meet politician.
14th        Met Koreans and Romanians. Toured presidential palace the world's second largest building. Addressed political meeting.
15th         Ovidian, driver and student took us to Siniai mountains.Unmade road for 25Km and had to walk at times.
16th          Hotel breakfast. Small monastery and cave. Barbecued trout in village. Bucharest.
17th          To three different children' ministries. Katy spoke well.  Found Hong Key very pro-Israel and nt happy with my critique of Zionism not a fulfilment of prophecy.
18th          Spoke at Zion and Peace churches.
19th          Visited village museum.
20th           Gave two church history lectures. Supper with a deacon and heard how his mother survived communism and knew Wurbrandt.
21st           Church history lecture and then adult Bible study.
22nd          Last lecture. Visited two needy widows. met with students. Took our hosts to dinner.
23rd           Back to home.
24th            Visited Marjorie in Meadow House. Seems good despite weight loss.
25th            DB led for NP Rom 8.
26th            Aaron Lawler and family to dinner. They have moved to near Perivale station.
27th            Back to work and Sudha wants to leave.
28th            Damjis have sold up to Virgi who failed to get my job. Housegroup.
31st            Took communion to Cath Benton and visited Beldams.

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