Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The changing world (264) Dec 2002

Dec 1st Barry led with no Advent hymns. I presided at the table.
2nd       Excellent Cherelle WE started, Katy and deb to harry Potter 2 and I did Christmas letter.
3rd        Angry Madeline declined Bibke study.
4th        Chris B to dinner. He is very emotionally involved with his disabled clients. Housegroup here.
5th        Denist and I need two more fillings.
7th        JMB here. Indian for J's birthday. Oldfield Baptist excellent repertoire from Jonathan Viersa.
8th        Joe Martin to lunch. Preached Jepthah in evening. Paula Ratcliffe sports personality of year. Pathetic of BBC to give george best lifetime award.
9th        Did cards B to R.
10th      Better time with Madeline so did Bible study.
11th      Treated to dinner out by damjis.
12th      Late to work as Henlys Corner blocked.
13th      Grandad admitted to Barnett General again. Finished cards.
14th      Cooked horse casserole for lunch. Gift from a customer. Visited Grandad in hospital. Lesley Barnes 50th birthday party at IPC.
15th      NP in morning. Grays to lunch. DB led carol service and Wade Bradshaw preached. Frank Marnell interrupted. he has no social graces.
18th      Housegroup turkey dinner at IPC with Madeline and Jonny. Grandad home from hospital.
19th      Grandad collapsed. Seven hour wait for a doctor in A&E.
20th      Visited Mr O in hospital
21st       Mr O had two cardiac arrests. We went and said no resuscitation. Not conscious. Rodney and Elizabeth came down.
22nd     Kary, Rachel and Elizabeth to hospital. Grandad has had a stroke. in and out of consciousness. Preached on Samson.
23rd     Rachel to hospital then wary, me, D&E. In and out of consciousness so not able to communicate.
24th     Half day only for the pharmacy. JMR&A went to join Katy visiting Grandad. D&E staying with the Littles.
25th     Katy declined church as she did not want to talk about her father. She only missed three kiddy talks from NP. Eleven to lunch then hospital visiting.
26th     K&M to hospital early. Mr O very unsettled. All to Littles including Littles senior. Home 10:30 to answer phone message saying granted died at 10:1r. Jonathan drove us to the hospital. A peaceful end and an answer to prayer.
27th     Back to work. There is to be an inquest because he died after a fall. NP came for pastoral visit.
28th     Katy to Potters bar to find the will and evidence of date of birth. No funeral order of service found.
29th     Preached from Samson again in evening.
30th     Had an Indian for Adrian's birthday and he took everyone except me to the latest Bond film.
31st     Closed half day. JMB here.

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