Monday, December 03, 2018

The changing world (263) Nov 2002

Nov 1st Susan Short started work well. DB tells me he will leave his firm next month.
2nd        Afternoon performance of Macbeth at Richmond Theatre. Great start with light suddenly out and thunder and lightning for the witches. Sean Ban and Samantha Bond who was the better on though Bean is a good sword fighter. Modern setting. Witches young and seductive. Boys Brigade gan show for 5th Ealing's diamond jubilee.
3rd       DB lad for NP Rom 9. To lunch a Japanese, Anglo-Japanese and burmese females.. DB led evening prayer.
5th        Madeline agreed to study Mark with me.
6th        Housegroup.
8th        Prayer at Denhams.
9th        First visit to Braithwaite's new house, Bromham, Bedford. Walk to parish church in a park.
10th      DB led for NP. Apart from two traditional hymns it was like Pentecostal. Helped by going with Hosiers to Gunnersbury Baptist, Benton and a GP on depression.
11th      Went to Ealing hospital OPD skin clinic only to find I should have been at the Hammersmith. Encouraged by elders and deacons unity. Optician says Katy has macular degeneration.
12th       Mark 1-2 with Madeline.
13th       Housegroup.
16th       Visited Marjorie.
17th        John T walked out of Nick's sermon on election slamming to door. Says they want to leave IPC. He does not want to give Calvinism a hearing.
18th         Hammersnith hospital. Solar keratosis treated with liquid nitrogen. Church meeting approves £^5,000 for manse renovation.
19th        Madeline Mar 2-3.
20th        Housegroup Judy's.
22nd       Grandad admitted to Barnett hospital with angina.
23rd        Synod in Oxford Exeter College. Apponted moderator. Started work on BCO. D&E here for Deb's birthday meal at harvester.
24th         Tonk led for DB. Visited grandad n hospital. Preached on Abimelech.
26th         Grandad back home. Madeline on parables. Hard going.
27th         Housegroup.
28th         With Steve Constable at The Kent.
29th         Mike Harvey stayed overnight.
30th         With MH to Appleby Magna hotel and EPCEW presbytery. With Katy to Uxbridge to hear Bach from Pam Halletts choir then to their home afterwards.

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