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The changing world (281) Jan - Mar 2007

Jan 5th Dinner at A Lawlers.
7th       PL good again on Gen 3:15. Paul Mills from Cardiff on Ps 64.
8th       JS's funeral. First time to a customers. Failed on line CPPE on MURs. Encouraging session.
10th     Over thirty at IPC prayer. Showed Afghan photos. K&D helping A&R's move.
11th     Only four others came to ealing Forum social at Dolphin, Hanwell.
13th     Visited R&A's new house.
14th     PL good on Gin 3 and Ecc 8. Skiotis family to lunch.
15th     Session examines Marianne fro Black Isle for membership. Also R&A.
16th     D&Co here.
18th     Session and deacons. Passed CPPE MUR test.
19th     Ten killed in last few days of storms. Leapers staying.
21st      Led for Chuck P.
24th      2"snow.
25th      Government will not compromise with RCC over homosexual adoption.
27th      Visited J&Co.
28th      PL very good on Gen 4-11 and Ecc 9-10.
29th      Session on church planting decided we need to grow first.
31st      IPC mercy ministry seminar with mash Ghar.
Feb 1st Failed CPPE part 4 of MUR test.
2nd       Brought Fenella to dinner. Bird flu in Norfolk turkeys.
3rd        Poor quiz at St Paul's. We were third. Rubbish quiz mistress.
4th        PL on Gen 4. Marius Cradock baptised. Dick Lucas on Mal 3:20.
5th        Session and deacons meal together. Turkey slaughter continues.
6th        IPC fourth in a series, disciplines of a godly father.
7th        Masih Ghar mercy ministry second meeting. Dr Parker prescribed co-amoxiclav and recommends an X-ray.
8th        2+" snow. D&Co back from Sri lanka.
9th        Chicken sales down but not prices.
10th      Agatha Christie's Uninvited Guest at Richmond.
11th      S Constable iffy. Dick Lucas good on Ph 1.
12th      Ealing hospital say polyerythraemia and early chronic lymphatic leukaemia. Told elders at our prayer meeting but decided to not tell the family to avoid them worrying. This led to later criticism but I remain unrepentant.
14th      Paul M, Kurt and two elders from Virginia to dinner.
15th      AAH rep took me to lunch as we are switching to his firm. Failed part four of MUR test for second time.
16th       Took K to John Lyons Hungry Horse for Valentines.
17th       J&Co day visit. R&A here overnight as electricity being overhauled at theirs.
18th       Levy on Cain. Led at table. Ecc 11-12 pm.
19th       Started pharmacy blog. Spirometry says I have the lungs of a 74 year old. Session concerning over RH and her brother antagonism.
21st       Failed CPPE MUR part 4 for third time so have to re do. Leonard D dementia diagnosed.
23rd      T Beldam and Seaber's to dinner. Troops back from Iraq and going to Afghanistan. Prince harry to iraq.
24th       Party at 52 for terry Seaber. Dinner with Piestrups in Shepherds Bush.
25th       John Scott EPCEW on Rut 1. Very good. Chantal, Ashley and Rupert to lunch. Saw Joanne nee Bulmer and family at rachel's.
27th        Customer complained about my Blair cartoon on my notice board. Family knows him. Failed MURpart 1 again.
Mar 2nd  Christine from Romania staying.
3rd           Oldfield men's prayer breakfast at golf club on Middle east reformed fellowship. Presbytery. Encouragement fro Azerbaijan, and Murat from Belgium. Church plants planned in York and Camden Town. Lunar eclipse.
4th            Pl on Cain and Ecc 12.
6th            D&Co here. A,R, J&H. Afghan take away.
7th            Charing Cross hospital thinks I have sleep apnoea. Good IPC prayer.
8th            To Ilford to see a pharmacy with robot dispensing.
9th            Alaister McLeod St Andrews Free Church Mission started IPC weekend at home. Excellent 45 minutes on Jesus the prophet. No notes used.
10th          Christ as priest. Paul M on witness. Bill N on IPC development. Christ the king. Idiot George next door complains of noise in the night. Dementia?
11th          A Macleod excellent on death of Stephen.
12th          Session seems to want unrealistic expansion.
13th          Discipline of body man and IPC prayer.
16th          Much Ado About Nothing at Questors. Nico Farrelly staying.
17th          IPC pot luck for Jacobs. I brought a section of the cedar's trunk home for a house sign board. Eugene Oregon at Richmond.
18th         Gledhills to lunch. Also Puopolo, Carlo and Emma. PL on Cain and intro to Mark. Interviewed Amir, Afghan from Iran who has a thrilling testimony and may work with IPC. Flintoff suspended for drunkenness.
19th         NHS PCT examine my pharmacy . we are contract compliant. Session. We have a former member accused of child molesting. This turned out to be a malicious false accusation.
20th         Disciplines of a godly man on worship.
21st         2p off tax next year in Brown's last budget.
23rs        K&D to R's baby shower.
24th        Canterbury.
25th        Best St Mary's sermon ever on New 13 but not much competition. Wlk here Sandwich. Home.
26th        Paisley and Adams agree on devolved NI government.
27th        Very good early prayer at IPC. Failed MUR test again. Marking Deb and Theresa's assistant courses. Sleep over with monitors on at Charing Cross hospital.
28th         Surprised to hear K agreed £3000 bathroom renovation.
29th         Bathroom plaster drying.
30th         New bath in use.
31st         Day at the Wells. Thames walk.

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