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The changing world (277) Oct -Dec 2005

Oct 2nd Dimitri Ps 12 and Ben W good on Jn 17.
9th         PL on blessed ar the meek and Jn 18.
10th       Estimated 30,000 killed in Pakistan earthquake on 8th.
14th       Heathrow by Hungarian airline to Budapest. Train to Timosora crowded in Hungary. Slow at border. met by Christine.
15th       Met Jim Ramsey. lunch at Liviu's. Teens group. Shocked to hear Mick Langley died suddenly.
16th       Preached Mk 1. Talked with older couple on 89 revolution.
17th       To Revolution Square and cathedral.
18th       Fishing but caught nothing.
19th       Treated my hosts to a meal out. £20 for three of us.
21st        Train to Budapest. Stanstead. Bus to Golders Green. K&D met me.
23rd        PL good on mercy and Jn 19. Sullivans to stay.
24th        To Boddigtons, Exeter. South Brent country house hotel. Pricey but quiet and plush.
25th        Saw where in 1917 the sea destroyed a village. Ugborough.
26th        Buckfastleigh Abbey.Trago Mills. Totnes. Ugthorpe.
27th        Wembury, Princeton, Tavistock, Ivybridge.
28th        Stow. Home.
29th        Taken to Ace Cafe on Jonny Long's Harley.
30th         PL good on pure in heart. Visited MB in hospital.
Nov 1st    The usual Diwali bangs.
4th           IPC speaking on Guy Fawkes but few internationals there.
5th           Hamlet at Richmond.
6th           Chuck on Rom 10, me on Thomas.
11th         Observed the silence at work. News says only 10 WW1 veterans still alive.
13th         PL on persecution forgot his notes. To Welwyn. many old friends including Grimwades. There for Hristo. M Roberts good on Ecc 10. Heard EMF students.
19th         to Leapers than Kunars.
20th         Installed Alan W as elder. Preached on preparing for worship. Lunch at Leapers new house.
24th         George Best lingers on in hospital. Not had such a protracted death since Churchill.
25th         Best dies. Biggest fuss since the pope. Sky installed.
27th         Iden Green. Preached on second coming.
Dec 3rd   Wrote Christmas letter. The Rivals at Richmond.
4th           PL on persecution then on children in church. Te move to have all in the service from age three up met with some resistance but we only lost one family over it. They had several boisterous children. The session was criticised as having no young children except well behaved ones. PL had firm convictions. I was prepared to abide by the consensus but told any objectors that if they had objections to be voiced to the session I would articulate them. No-one asked me to. The production of activity sheets for the children during the sermon and also introducing the subject by the preacher in Sunday School has helped.
5th       Cards done up to D.
6th       Cards to J. GP put me on statins.
10th     Great Shelford. B's Christmas fete. She talks more now. H silent.
11th     Woken at 6 by biggest explosion in Europe since WW2. Hemel Hempstead fuel depot. Heard in Hastings and Holland. We could smell the cloud. Amazing fatalities. PL good on salt and excellent at carol service too.
13th        Finished cards. K told her back may ease a little but the op being delayed it was not a success. That was caring new Labour's but backs in the NHS. Offered spinal block injections.
18th        PL excellent on light of the world. Hristo, a Korean, Ben and Nikides to lunch. Led at table and Dimitri preached pm.
24th        Took communion to MB. DES here.
25th         Barbara from Canterbury with us. Led for PL excellent Mat 1. RA and CB to lunch. Three  Littles to tea.
26th         Angela field to lunch, R&A too.
27th         DES left. R&A, Natalia and three Estonians, Christina Lawler and Phillips and Jan Thomas to tea.
30th        JMBH here. All to Sunderban Indian for A's birthday.
31st        Walked girls to canal to feed ducks.

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