Saturday, December 01, 2018

The changing world (259) Jul 2002

Jul 1st Priya Patel WE started.
3rd    Deb has £250 prize for good work last year. Housegroup Luk 22. Charlie cooked Chinese supper.
4th    Session.
6th    Took Deb to Clark's farm at Awre on banks of Severn.Via Oxford and Gloucester400 year old house. Fish traps in the river.
7th     Jerram Barrs good on washing disciples feet. In evening Charlie gave his testimony.
8th     Mohamed WE. Iraqi Shi'ite beautifully mannered and pleasant.
9th     Late start yo Oval ODI because of rain. England 229 for8off 32 overs. India all out for 165.
10th   Builder round to see about chimney breasts. Housegroup Judy's.
11th   Visited troubled Madeline but she did not open up a lot.
13th   ODI Lords. England 325 for 5 then India got home with two balls to spare. So saw 651 runs and centuries from Trescothik and Hussein. Deb back from Clarks.
14th    Randy OK on Joh 5. New OM team. I presided at communion then members meeting on new children schedule. DB led evening prayer.
15th     Deb working with me. R&A round to meet Charlie.
16th     Lunchtime to Marion's flat with birthday present.
17th     Stayed late for board meeting. Not optimistic for pay rise.
18th     Beggars Owers in Willesden.
19th     3% pay rise. Hristo round for catechism. Deb to child protection meeting. Shipman said to have killed over 211 patients.
20th      Session. Laleham for Sharon Wells wedding to Simon. Reception at club in Chertsey and I danced a lot.
21st      NP on Rom 5. Japanese Baptist missionary to lunch who wants to do student work. Told Mike Peat he should step down as presbytery clerk. Visited Marjorie in Northwick Park. Charlie left.
24th     Housegroup.
25th     Commonwealth games Manchester.
26th     Hristo on catechism.
27th     To Brede for wedding of Abigail Gray to Ben Wragg. Howard Hallett take ill and to hopital but back for speeches.
28th     Took Mr O to great Shelford baptist. Lunch with Burroughs. Hottest day of year. Edwards and Radcliffe commonwealth golds.
29th     Katy and deb to Canterbury.
30th     Feverish after dinner.
31st     Had no work despite fever as no locus available. Cancelled housegroup here. early bed.

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