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The changing world (275) Apr-Jun 2005

Apr 1st First day of 8:30 opening. New pharmacy contract means more work for managers with users audits and customer satisfaction surveys annually. D& family here.
2nd       Kurt Piestrup's engagement party. John Paul II died.
3rd        Richard Bewes excellent on Rev 5. I preached on joy.
5th        Chiropody says I should have ingrown toenail removed.
6th        PL round to pray.
7th        Evening Edgware Hospital PCT on new contract. I was in a small ethnic minority.
8th        Pope buried. Sick of wall to wall media coverage.
9th        Watched Charles & Camilla wedding and blessing.
10th      PL on joy, prayer and thanksgiving them Jn 7 pm.
11th      Elders anointed and prayed for LB again.
14th      Farewell meal for Kurt at restaurant.
16th      Nigel Havers in Rebecca at Richmond.
17th      P{L good on 1Th 5. Jn 8. I did communion liturgy.
18th      papal enclave started.
21st       Session attendance fueled with Paul Meiners now. K to Canterbury by coach to be nanny during house move.
22nd     K back.
24th      Elijah by Uxchoir at awful Hayes RC shrine.
25th      St Botolph's without Aldgate preaching on joy for free Church f Scotland. Pm Dimitri IPC.
26th      Dullest election campaign ever.
28th      Hillingdon to hear Gulas. Gwoza has anti-government Muslim militants. Start of Boko Haram?
29th      Party leaders spoke well on TV but refuse head to head debate.
May 1st A took us to Ipswich. R got us lost with wrong address in sat nav so only just in time for A's niece, Alice, at supposedly evangelical C of E. At Shelford H has lower leg in plaster.
2nd        Day trip to Canterbury to see the new house.
5th         General election.
6th         Up to 2am to see Labour getting the 66 majority predicted by exit polls. Good my friend Stewart Jackson won Peterborough.
7th         Brian Boddy arrived.
8th         Paul Meiners fine on Hosea. Led for Brian on his 34 years in Nigeria. VE day 60th anniversary muted celebrations here.
9th         Noelle cooked for us at 52. C Hall of Cornhill on hermeneutics at IPC.
14th       Elders prayer.
15th       Led for PM on marriage. Lunch at Meiners. Ben W pm.
16th       Again dinner from Noelle at 52 then Christopher Ash on Bible study.
17th       Deacons and elders. Encouraged by the giving.
20th        Elders on scrapping junior church.
21st        Adrian took me to excellent Christian Chiltern brewery shop. Richmond for Winters tale with all male cast.
22nd       PL on best form Ps 135 and Jn 10.
25th        Amazing Europen Cup final win by Liverpool 3-0 down to AC Milan in Istanbul. Won on penalties.
28th        Lords. Bangladesh started 90 for 5. All out 11:45. Second biggest win ever. Got Vaughn's autograph.
29th        PL Ps 129 and Jn 10. Lunch at Daphne's.
30th        Met IPC walk at Chalfont St Peters. French reject Constitution.EU
Jun 4th   Terry Beldam's birthday barbecue. Dale there with parents.
5th          PL Ps 139. To Canterbury. lunch with Fields and Kirsty. Back home.
6th          Session. David Tomae, WHM there. Are the changes to Sunday School and deacons necessary.
7th          Moved Natalia to 52.
8th          Deb connected broadband. RPSGB inspector paid amicable visit. To Luton airport and picked up Christonel and Nina to stay.
9th          Paul C came and advised me to get a wireless router.
11th        Synod in Kingston.
12th        Newborn Lawler baby dies and David Porter too. PL on Ps 139. Visited Great Shelford.
13th        Michael Jackson not guilty. Good AGM.
14th        Lord's for MCC v Lara's 11. He bowled all 10 of his men with MCC 327 for 7. Visited Dan H in Charing Cross. he will lose a foot.
16th        With K to paradise Fields and two Cats the narrow boat of A's uncle.
18th         A got router going. Fancy dress barbecue at IPC with Carlos's steak.
19th         Robin Sydserff of Proc trust good on Ps 1. Pl Jn 12.
20th         Flash floods Helmsley, Thirsk and Hawnby.
22nd        Memorial service for one day old Jessica lawler. Packed. Good words from PL and a Minnesota pastor on Jn 11. CB suspended from his social work.
24th         YMCA make Poverty History quiz. Our team with Barnes and Hereward won.
25th         MB in hospital.
26th         PL good on Jn 12. MB looks ill in hospital.P Meiners interviewed by congregation.
28th         K told slipped disc but no op until Oct or Nov. Ealing Forum meet at The Kent. Met Gerry Tan. My site is now hosted in Australia.

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