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The changing world (284) Oct - Dec 2007

Oct 1st Daphne here for piano lesson again.
2nd       Syl and Kurt interview me for missions to London video.
3rd       IPC prayer with Amir's testimony.
4th       Pizza with Piestrups at 52 then Bible study on covenants.
6th       Great dinner by Ash and Jennifer for us, Littles, Raes.
7th       PL good on Gen 10 and Mar 3.
11th     GP increased AMLODIPINE DOSE.
13TH    £265 new suit from Eurosuits.  First for 16 years. To Shelford for Hannah's 4th.
14th     PL Gen 11 and Mk 4. Dembecks to lunch. She is Giles Brandreth's nice.
15th     Grove cafe, Polish for forum meet. Only five of us.
19th     Fenella ate with us. Deb to Edinburgh.
20th     We lost rugby world cup final to very negative South Africa
21st      Men's prayer breakfast. PL excellent on Babel. Hazel Mangaser to lunch. D7Co here. Deb home from Dunblane.
22nd    D and family to Serbia.
28th     Led for Ian from Grove. Brazilian feast at Soares. Preached Ps 24 pm.
29th     $1200 cost me just over £600. Daphne round for her third piano lesson but shows not wearing her "Hug a presbyterian' apron.
31st      Lights off to deter wretched trick and treaters. Horrible American custom.
Nov 1st Police deemed guilty of shooting an innocent Brazilian. an illegal alien resisting arrest the day after a bombing.
2nd      I have a new boss. Mike Rudin left. Now Bridge of carters.
3rd      Plans for 73 have been refused to our delight. Lunch at The Kent with two republican senators from Georgia.
4th      Good from PL on 1Tim 1 and The Sower.
5th      Heathrow delays due to fog. Lufthansa late to Frankfurt. A rush to be last on board for San Francisco. Over eleven hours. Five hours later arrived Grass Valley, our first sat nav drive.
6th      New MacBook received. Cheaper here. Sad to hear Ester's husband has left.  High bridge, gold mining museum, Caloma, Placer, Lunch with Steve and Abbie. Lake Tahoe.
7th      With Julie round Sacramento to Mariposa. Miners Inn. Yosemite. El Capitan. 285 miles.
8th       From Modesto to Glacier Point. Nevada. Carson City. Grass Valley. 282 moles.
9th       Sacrament railway museum. Lunch by river with Joanna. Capitol. Super Fort. Abercrombie and Fitch shopping for Deb.
10th     Joanna and Nate visited.
11th     Spoke on London and mission at adult Sunday School. Dennis on generosity.
12th     Visited where Joanna's wedding reception is to be.
13th     Shot Colt 45, automatic, 30mm rifle but the muzzle loader jammed.
14th     400 miles to coast at Half Moon Bay. Artichoke capital of USA.
15th      SF to DC, five hours.
16th      LHR 11:45 am. ARE with us as having kitchen built.
17th      CPA AGM in city. There has been a split over non-Christians being selected as candidates. Alan Storkey spoke. Vote to leave EU.
18th      Men's prayer breakfast at 52. PL excellent 2Tim 2 and Mustard seed.
19th      Visited Leonard day in John Conolly unit.
22nd     Session. Plants to move house and have an assistant.
23rd      With J&Co BMI to Inverness. He hired Kia people mover to Nairn.
24th       Netty Bridge kirk for Fiona MacFarlane's wedding to Nathan Burrough. She is a barrister in chambers at Middle temple, he a city policemen. She was in a £10,00 dress and chauffeured up from London. Met Dimi and Ruth Ducker. Biggest marquee in Scotland for the reception in their house grounds. Enough champagne at canapes to get one merry before the reception. Coordinated waiter service. No free bar. You ordered from the waiter. I was too merry to dance. Piped into the reception and ceilidh after.
25th      The most incredible brunch which the father of the bride described as a simple highland breakfast. Coach to airport. Delay landing at T5.
26th      Half AGM IPC. Levy has a house, Amir a visa.
27th      ARE still here.
28th      Petrol over £1/L.
30th      Examined Daniel from Romania for ordination.
Dec 1st Presbytery approved Daniel and Neal. Uxchoir carols Uxbridge. ARE back to theirs. Sami.Marta and Christine staying.
2nd        Rico Tice excellent on Prodigal son. PL on Gadarene demoniac.
3rd        First day at work in Santa suit. Architects present plans for new church building.
4th        PL and I tried without success to poison the pine tree with copper sulphate. He has a £400,000 Hanwell house. The Oval has found my scoring book.
5th        Church prayer meeting. Petrol £102.9.
7th        Deb at pharmacy and finished assistant's course. Agreed quote of £9000 for most of our windows.
8th        To Shelford. Gave B a bike for birthday. Started Christmas cards.
9th        PL good 2Tim 4. Pot luck for John Dugan at 90. He said he remembered George V opening the old Wembley. Now it had been demolished he had lasted better. Preached on second coming. Cards done to H.
10th       St Mary Woolnoth in City for Banner's bicentennial celebration of Newton's death. Brian Edwards excellent then George Curry. Both remembered me.
11th       Angiogram Ealing Hospital. Nothing adverse.
12th      Finished cards.
13th      Session interviewed Ian C as assistant pastor. AR doubtful and rather stroppy and legalistic over initiatives.
14th      Surprised to hear Carters has been sold again.
15th      Heard Lucy Woodcock is unlikely to recover from her stroke and her brother Jack is looking to be the same way.
16th      PL good on Jesus king, Mat 1. They came to lunch. He was excellent at packed carol service on Jn 1.
17th      Session prayer. Lucy died.
18th      Deb had five friends to her party.
20th      Anita, Kenyan graduate stetted as excellent WE.
21st      Wedding of John Hosier to Haley at St James. Jack Williamson died.
23rd      PL excellent mat 2. annunciation them pm Wise men.
24th      Visited Leonard in Ealing hospital.
25th       To Canterbury. Decent C of E. Excellent turkey.
26th       Walked through apple orchard overlooking the city. Home after tea.
27th       K&D to Eccleshall.
28th       Ladies back from Lucy's funeral to tell me I am to take Jack's.
29th       J&Co here.
30th       Led for PL covenant service on flight into Egypt. D&Co here.
31st       Half day at work. Phone call from Elliott in Kabul. Children woken by fireworks.  

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