Monday, December 03, 2018

Diary w/e 8 Dec 2018

Sun 2 Dec

Laurens managed a Sunday School class on epistemology without using that word until near the end of his lecture. Chris Roberts on Mal 4, Paul Levy on Num 13. We had an Indian family to lunch. My Christmas jumper, Katy's present to me last year, was much admired.

Mon 3 Dec

Rodney and Elizabeth here to stat two nights. Session long agenda but quickly done.

Tues 4

To Basingstoke for our second humanistic funeral. I am going to blog on this. The ideal pastoral visit over to very good pints. A two way exchange. Our pastor shepherds me and now I do the same for him. A very helpful and enjoyable evening.

Wed 5

U3A Current Affairs here on hate crimes. Only four of us but we agreed the courts have to business judging thoughts and motivations. About thirty members at the prayer meeting.Heard of ordination in Manilla, plans for Bulgaria and work in High Wycombe.

Thu 6

Excellent lunch with senior Littles at Miller and Carter, Ruislip. Slow because busy but worth the wait.

Fri 7

Most enjoyable IPC men's party with meat, beer and games.

Sat 8

To Hauxton to celebrate eldest granddaughter Bethany's 18th.

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