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The changing world (269) Oct-Dec 2003

Oct 1st Katy to look after LB whose anxiety is worse.
4th       Arms and the man, Richmond.
5th       PL on Phi 1 and 1Cor 6. 20+ pm which is an encouraging improvement.
6th       Katy five hours with LB.
7th       PL led first Tuesday IPC prayer meeting. Well attended.
8th       Usual morning call to LB. Session says church ladies cannot provide constant supervision. Pete B says applying to Exeter school as St Paul's is getting to be too much.
9th       LB to be admitted hospital. Paul Cook at hayes disappointing on John Wesley.Yaris rolled out of the f=drive and across the road.
10th     LB not admitted. Say it would make her worse. Start of Rugby world cup down under.
11th     To Harrogate. Walk in Knaresborough. About forty at reunion at the Angel. Not so lively as last time but found old school magazines with my forgotten poems. At 11:44 Hannah Kathryn born. 9ib 2oz.
12th      Grove chapel then Weatherspoons Richmond with Dorothy.To Rosie Maternity but they had left. At Burroughs with deb.
13th      Deb plating football with PL Greenford High.
15th      Visited MB who is depressed and sees no hope of physical improvement.
18th       Eng 25 SA 6. Wilkinson kicking well. Handel's Ariadne at Richmond. Mezzo soprano lead in place of castrato and counter tenor villain in place of contralto.
19th       AR not at home leading for Willy Philip. Evening Pl was excellent on homosexuality.
24th       D%E hear. She is expecting and same day as her sister. D applying to be St Mary's pastoral director.
25th        JMBH here. Sick of Diwali bangs.
26th        PL good on Phi 2. Singleness 1Cor 7 pm.
28th        Vote of confidence called on Ian Duncan-Smith.
29th        IDS loses vote. Howard Tory leader.
31st         No trick and treaters.
Nov 1st Dinner at Nikides Isle of Dogs.
2nd        Led for PL who is not so good thematically on the gospel.
4th         Paul Clark fairly good on the cross.
9th         PL excellent Phi 2. Steve Boren with two friends to lunch. He was to marry Abigail Los and did not treat her well. Lots of overseas people at evening tea and talk.
11th       PL led church prayer.
13th       K took LB to Walpole house clinic.
15th       Helped clean church. Katy diagnosed with bilateral macular degeneration.
16th       PB led PL who was not hs best on Phi2. Eng 24 France 7. all due to Wilkinson. So we are in the final. Few overseas students at evening pot luck.
17th       Good elders prayer. LB does not want to leave the house alone.
18th       Jonathan Fletcher on repentance. LB looked awful.
20th       Did visa letter for MTW family. Bombs at British Embassy Ankara. Bush in London.
21st        Drove to leapers.
22nd       England 20 Aug 17 in extra time. Won by JW drop goal last kick. Culcheth inaugural service at sports centre. Waldecker preached. Back to leapers.
23rd       St Marks, Great Wyrley. Paul Oakley the vicar.
24th        Banked £72,000 from grandad's probate.
25th        Speedwell lunch at Chinese as farewell to Katy Cheung, leaving medic, a Christian. Not many out for Jonathan Madely in evening.
27th        Members meeting did not go so well. PL says we do not do much. AR presented DB's views on change in local procedures. I spoke on membership. Contributions for the manse are encouraging.
28th        Haven Green wedding reception for Luke Lawler with video of his Kentucky Baptist wedding with DIY vows. Made me thankful for Cranmer and the BCP. Good to meet Iranian and Iraqi converts from Randy's Arabic church.
29th        Handel anthems, Uxchoir, Uxbridge and tea at ballets.
30th        Preached Her 12, Mount Zion for first in advent. Eric from Cameroon to lunch. A RC studying french at TVU. Not many internationals to evening meal.
Dec 2nd PL on gospel poorly attended. PL visited ML whose wife has left him.
3rd         Started Christmas letter.
4th         Session largely on house groups and ML whose family seem to want to protect him since his wife left. He has not come to church since his return from India.
6th         To a seventh floor city office joint presbytery with Koreans but only their moderator came. Environment and attendance discouraging but some encouraging reports especially NLMG Southall.
7th         Preached on the hidden key. Ls agree to our counselling the unhappy couple.NLMG encouraging/ People there from Hindu Sikh and Muslim backgrounds. PL at IPC pm.
8th         Deacons good but tension between AL and PL.
9th         Blood teat Ealing hospital. Started on cards. PL led prayer. His parents there.
12th       Cards done F to ).
13th        JMDB here.Finished cards.
14th        Angry with PL changing my carol service programme.I led. He preached well. Saddam captured. Wilkinson sports personality of the year.
17th         Huntley two life sentences for Soham murders. Huosegroup social at church.
21st         PL OK on wise men. PB unimaginative carols. Visited MB who is recovering from pneumonia. Preached 1 Sam pm.
24th         Hallf day at work.Ping Yan friendly Chinese HOST student hits it off with deb.D&E here.
25th         PL very good on Jesus hidden. Baddock to lunch. late tea with Littles senior and jill.
26th         A,R,Deb,D,E and visitor to the Eye. Iranian earthquake. 20,000+ dead?
27th         D,E visitor left. JMBH arrived.
28th         PL am. Lunch at R&As. I preached 1Sam 8.
30th         Iran quake toll may be 50,000+.
31st         Half day only in pharmacy.

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