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The changing world (282) Apr-Jun 2007

Apr1st PL excellent Gen 5. Mar 1 pm.
2nd      Session.
3rd       Disciplines of a godly man - the tongue.
4th       Feeling ill got locus and came home.
5th       Recovered from stomach bug. Finished bathroom looks good.
6th       Good Friday. PL good on the cry of desolation. Led at table with CRC liturgy. Nigerian student from HOST staying. At last my birthday present balloon flight was on. Knebworth to Hatfield House. Very good. Katy followed in the car.
7th       To Brighton and saw the Grand Hotel where the murderous IRA were more successful than Guy Fawkes in filling members of the ruing class.
8th        PL good on resurrection, am Mark and pm Luke. Mary V from Ethiopia to lunch.
9th        Windsor Great Park. Sunday the student left.
10th      Jonathan McKirgan staying with us.
11th      Rachel kept in Ealing Hospital for pessary induction but no movement.
12th      1.30 Elissa Ruth Little 7il 4oz. Visited.
13th      Theresa sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for supplying heroin to her boyfriend in the Scrubs. My letter as to good character did not help. She had thought she was talking in cannabis lest the boyfriend be beaten up.
15th      PL on resurrection in John. R&E home in afternoon. J&Co visited them. PL on Mar 1.
16th      33 shot dead in Virginia University.
17th      Passed part one of MUR after four attempts. Started watering with hose.
19th      Took JM to lodge with Raes.
20th      Jennifer C and Gillian T to dinner and planning for the Ethiopia trip.
21st      Flew Stanstead to Pula. Taxi to Rovinj. Third floor flat given to us for the week by the Clowneys as a 60th birthday present. Food out very good. Glass bottomed boat trip. Weather perfect.
22nd     Walk round old town. Evangelical church small, happy classy, welcoming, no translation. Boat to Lim Fyord. Saw two dolphins. French president Sarcosi elected.
23rd      Bus to Pula and amphitheatre.
24th      Hire car up coast and mountain villages. Lunch Bije. Mutuva. Old Hun.
25th      East coast of Istria. Pazin. Ruins of Dvigrad.
26th      Baredini caves very impressive. Momuja. Returned hire car.
27th        Walked round Rovinja and St Euphemia's church.
28th       Pula to Srtanstead. IPC fund raiser for Ethiopia trip. Quiz, meal, auction of pledges made £1444. Leeds relegated again.
29th       David Field good 1Pt. Hristo good on sanctification. Eric, Spanish RC cook arrived for a week.
30th       Employed Marina Lines.A good decision.
May 2nd Ealing Town Hall. Paternalistic on helping patients.
3rd          Overnight rash on left abdomen. At home with treatment for shingles. Fell asleep waiting for election results Scotland and Wales voting for their devolved governments.
4th          At home. Cooked for Terry Beldam and Aaron and Eileen Lawler.
5th          Three Ledwiths valeted the Mondeo raising money for the Ethiopia trip.
6th           PL on Enoch.
7th           Bank holiday brought the first decent rain for several weeks. Eric left back bedroom window unfastened and it swung and smashed. Repaired by Adrian.
8th           Off work but collated customer satisfaction survey, probably the most useless innovation of the new pharmacy contract. If a customer is not satisfied with my pharmacy all they need to do is walk five minutes to the next one. Survey the hospitals. There you wait half an hour not my couple of minutes for dispensing. Ultrasound spleen scan revealed nothing of concern. Eric left without paying and losing keys.
9th           Ealing North Conservatives first open primary so though I am not a member I got to vote for the victorious Ian Gibb. Took Katy to Charing Cross hospital for surgery.
10th         Visited hospital. No op yet as she is a cold case and they had urgent ops. Blair announces date of departure.
11th         Katy home without surgery. Jennifer, Gillian and Marianne here overnight before Ethiopia flight.Search continues in Portugal for  four year old Madeline McCann.
12th         Took Deb and the three to Heathrow for Ethiopia. For £50 Carlo cooked a four course lunch for nine. The Bargain at Richmond. Maxwell and Mother Theresa.
13th         PL good on sons of men. Pm on Peters mother in law. My brother has grandfather's diary 1912-52.
14th         Session prayer here.
16th         Took K to Charing Cross. Labour has no nominee to contest with Brown for leadership.
17th         Lords. Test disrupted by rain. Queen visited. Cook century against Windies. K had surgery. I visited. Breathless walking to tube.
18th         K home. Deb happy in Ethiopia.
19th         Chelsea 1 Man u 0. First final at the new Wembley.
20th         Led for PL on total depravity. Took Jonathan Cullen to Rochester prison to visit his mother. Two hour visit. Theresa in good spirits. Bewes excellent pm.
25th         To Harrogate. Read G Graham's diary to 1918. Mentions his wife very little.
26th          With G to Headingley. England put on 204 more for loss of two wickets than bowled Windies out for 46 and 22-2 in follow on.
27th          Bond on Job at Jennyfields. Took Mrs Brayshaw and D to King's Arms Richmond. GG diary finished. Preached 6500 sermons. Preached on Pentecost at Grove Rd.
28th           Home. K's back no better.
30th           Damp proofing of kitchen done.
31st            Charing Cross supply sleep apnoea machine. GP says breathlessness due to enlarged heart.
Jun 1st       Machine seems OK and I slept well. Dr Sam says left ventricular failure explains my breathlessness. Liviu and wife Sika arrived.
2nd            Kingston synod. Man from Camden Town good on Mat 16. Romanians to tube. Joel good on Her 9.
3rd            Session. prayer. LD's dementia worse.
5th            Visited M and said she should talk about her voices. She thinks she needs exorcism. I do not.
6th            Thirty plus at church prayers.
9th            Lower Sunbury Terry Beldam's 70th. Pleased to see dale. To Eccleshal.
10th          417 miles in nine hours. Gretna, round Glasgow, Tyndrum, Glenfinnan, Mallaig and a grumpy local.
11th          Ferry to Skye. Ramsey ferry. Big. Tarbet ferry, Harris. B&B hard to find but tourist office sent us to Scalpay and a family members of the Free Church Continuing.
12th          Round the intoxicatingly beautiful golden rod, east Harris. Lunar landscape before Leverburgh where we visited Malcolm Peters doing holiday cover for the free Church. Never seen such yellow sand and blue sea on a dull day.
13th          to Husainish and views of Taransay. North coast. east Loch target.
14th          Lewis. Parcs. Uig. Ballater. Light up to 11pm.
15th          Berneray bridge across the Atlantic. Iron age house. Beautiful cemetery. Stornoway.
16th           Shopping. Breathless. A&E admitted me to hospital with left ventricular failure. K found our landlady was a Lieutenant Colonel in Afghanistan.
17th          In side ward. Consultant wants to rule out pulmonary embolism. K got to the Free Church. The sister was from there and told the minister and the assistant minister visited at 9:10 pm which really impressed me. Wheezy.
18th          Able to get up. CT scan. Feeling better. No wheeze.
19th          Visited Eye of Ness after discharge. Had to find a new B&B. Butt of Lewis.
20th          Tarbet. Golden road. Leverburgh. Ferry to Benbecula. Excellent B&B. Drove round North Uist.
21st          Our hosts have two beautiful Newfies.Benbecula. South Uist. New B&B with English couple.
22nd         Seals at Loch Eynost. Discovered an abandoned ballet's reaper. Museum with Whisky Galore remembered. Saw a bottle from it on Eriskay. Segregated graveyard with sailors known unto god from WW@. Heard corncrakes.
23rd          Lochboisdale to ban. Unforgettable journey. Calm. Beautiful views of Rhum, Big, Mick, Strait of Mull. Langustines a final holiday treat.
24th          Dunbarton. Glasgow. Annedale Water. Lancaster. M6 toll.  511 miles to home in 11 hours.
26th          Heard Ian Sproule dies saving his wife in a car crash.
27th          Blair resigns. Brown promises to do it differently but the only sign of his Presbeterianissm was scrapping plans for a super casino. Larsons to dinner fresh from Dubai.
28th          Sleep apnoea clinic. Five breath stops an hour is normal. Mine has reduced from 60 to 15. Cath Benton died.
29th          Oval Windies 20"20 Won by 5 wickets off last two balls so thrilling for my guest John Skiotis. Two car bombs defused West London. Floods still in Sheffield.
30th          Bomb at Glasgow airport.

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