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The changing world (271) Apr-Jun 2004

Apr 2nd To Swanwick. Former Missionaries Fellowship supper and This is your Life. Lots of old friends.
3rd         Dopey in not very inspiring meetings.
4th          Left Swanwick after lunch. Mixed feelings. Action Partners is in the past for me.
5th          Brian Huseland to dinner.
9th          Led Good Friday service for Bill who lunched with us. J&co here for tea.
11th        Preached Easter Day evening.
12th        Family taken to expensive Syon Park butterfly house. J&co left.
17th        Surprise successful Ruby wedding party for Littles. His sister and husband here overnight.
18th        Preached 1sam 12.
19th        We are to have a referendum on EU constitution.
20th        Hristo to dinner.
23rd        IPC commission met. Me, PL, Bob H. Need Nikides to reconcile.
24th        2oo miles to Culcheth. Met with Roy and mark who came with me to Oxford. he is a hopeless navigator. Lots of old friends including Roes at Joe's 70th.
25th        PL on the writing on the wall. Eric and Chis from Oz to lunch.Larsons on Afghanistan. Bulgarian pastor staying a week.
26th        Our visitor was a driver then police before seminary.
29th        Session. PL full of plans for more workers. I am reluctant to back his faith. Where is the giving?
30th        Commission met with BN. Very emotional over hurt with City of Peace. Planned the way ahead.
May 1st To Braithwaites. Only for Cowper garden and museum. Newtons church. tea with Europhile lawyer who negotiated the constitution and is against it. Old pals at Larson's Afghan evening.
2nd        Led for PL who was good on Daniel in lions' den. Larson's to lunch. With Deb to saracens v Sale. Very good game with our hero Jason Robinson. Led for Elliott, Thy kingdom come. Met with City of Peace who will come under care.
3rd         IPC barbecue. Chat with Elliott.
4th         K's Central Middleex appointment cancelled due to a death.
7th          To Hayes for CPA committee but only one attendee. A charismatic nutter and experienced Hounslow independent councillor.
8th          Spoke at Kingston ordination of three elders and two pastors. Over 200 congregation. With Hosiers to Gunnersbury and Iain Murray on Wesley and Whitfield.
Leeds relegated.
9th          PL good on Dan 7. Kurt P to lunch. Walked to the ugly Alperton Hindu temple.
10th        With PL and MH to Affinity in Reading. Formerly BEC. Met general secretary Jonathan Stephens.
11th         Talked to 94 year old Mr Olley who walks regularly in the park. My other nonagenarian customer, Karl Ruge, was to die at 99. A refugee from Nazi Germany his ancestor had been an exile with Marx and Engels.
12th         Cousin Arthur proves to be the black sheep the family leaving his wife for a married woman who hails from Greenford. I wrote a very forthright letter to him.
15th         To the house of millionaire Harts next to Wenger's in Totteridge with Deb. In his BMW to chelsea 1 Leeds 0. Like an exhibition. No passion. Autograph from Johny Vaughan.
16th          PaulWilliamson, master at Eton, Ps 5. Taught maths to harry and rugby to William. PL Joh 4. I presided at table.
20th          Session much more encouraging these days.
22nd         Mound stand Lords. Cold. England lead over NZ. Two Scawen Blunts buried there. parents of the bishop<
23rd          Enjoyed PL who skipped Dan 8.
27th          Asked board for 6%.
28th          4.5% rise.
29th          MB needs a cylinder of oxygen daily.
30th          PL good on Dan 10 and Joh 4. Eric Larson and family present. He is in Middle eastern intelligence. Formerly in special forces.
31st           J&co here. Saw Wembley arch being raised.
Jun 1st Canterbury. Bay Window Inn, Littlebarn. Elizabeth apprehensive about planned inducing. Vietnamese restaurant £80 for four. Tasty bout pricey.
2nd           Waked round Patrixbourne. Two Scawen Blunts buried there. Parents of the bishop? Higham House. lovely gardens. Chitty Chitty Band bang was there and Ian Fleming who gave Bond the number of the coach he travelled in from London. Elizabeth in hospital to be induced.
3rd           Sandwich nature reserve.  Norman St Mary's church on Saxon site. Bought wine at vineyard of a chemist who Pfizer develop Viagra locally. Elizabeth on inducing drip.
4th            8lb 13oz Sahara Kate by C section. Visited them. To Faversham and nature reserve.
5th            Sandfire Ho reclaimed with Chunnel waste. Hospital. baby fine. Mother in pain.
6th            Commissioning Larsons for Afghanistan then pot luck. Big D Day commemoration.
7th            AGM. Elizabeth home.
8th            I have visited her regularly but finding Madeline unresponsive.
10th          Half day drive to Canterbury and back leaving K there. London end EU elections. Voted CPA. Too tired to stay up for results.
11th          Visited MB who is worried about TB. Labour and CPA did badly in elections. Red Ken back in.
12th          Synod at Greatham with Romania, France, Italy, Belgium, Korea, England. Handed moderator role to Bill N.
13th          PL on Ps 6. Lost to France in Euro.
14th         Big boost for UKIP in EU election.
15th         k to Central Middlesex for an epidural with no effect.
16th         Elders prayer. PL says I should not fall asleep in meetings (sleep apnoea undiagnosed) To anoint and pray for LB's healing.
17th         Fever. Antibiotic. Locus for afternoon.
18th         Again locus for half the day due to bad left foot.
19th         Big IPC pig roast farewell to Boddingrons.
20th         Les am and introduced OM tam. Visited MB and talked of funeral plans. Preached 1Sam 13.
21st          England 4 Croatia 2. Became part of my memorable numbers.
22nd        Last elders with PB.
24th        Eng 2 Portugal @ and out on penalties.
26th        My first Eurostar to Paris for ordinations of Joel and Nick.
27th        Jerram Barrs Ps 10. Internationals lunch at IPC cooked by Katy. Preached Rut 1 at City of Peace.
28thb      K Northwick Park xray of wrist then Italian restaurant with Littles senior.

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