Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Christ on Trial: by Schilder, Klaas; Zylstra, Henry (translator)

This is the second volume of Schilders Lenten trilogy. I have read volumes one and three already.

1. Christ being led to Annas.

The divine judge is now bound and appears before human judges. Christ chooses to surrender his freedom and submit to the judgement of men. First he goes before the spiritual judge for the civil authority, Rome, had delegated religious judging to the Jews. Annas was no longer high priest. It was his son in law Caiphas who could summon the Sanhedrin but that would take time. Annas had been high priest 6-15 AD appointed by Quirinius. Removed by Valetius 15-26 who replaced him with Ishmael, the Eleazar then Simon. Finally Ciaphas was appointed. Perhaps Annas lived with Ciaphas. He would be interested in the Nazarene and his unofficial examination , though with no official standing, could help Ciaphas. Annas was the father of a whole dynasty of high priests. he was a Sadducee and would have relished time unofficially with the man who caused such trouble stirring the people with his denunciation of priestly hypocrisy. Annas headed a contemporary dynasty of Aaronic priest, an office to pass away. Jesus, priest after the order of Melchizedek was to continue for ever as our great high priest.

2. Christ's apology before Annas

It is likely that both Annas and Ciaphas question Jesus in what is a preliminary hearing before the Sanhedrin assembles. First Annas asks about Jesus disciples before asking about his teaching. How many followers? How big a threat to established authority? Had he been secretly gathering other followers and having some esoteric secret teaching for them? Jesus replies that he taught openly in temple and synagogue so Annas knows there is no secret teaching no hidden band of followers. The high priests see Jesus as a threat to the established order and their places in it. They fear a revolutionary messiah. Jesus says to ask the witnesses as to his reaching. Nothing is hidden. There is no revolutionary plot. As per Is 27 Christ's revelation was sealed from the learned Annas and the ordinary people could not read the signs either. Ask the witnesses Jesus says. He has nothing to hide but neither people nor priests believe in him as true messiah.

3. Christ condemns the vicious circle. 

At this point adue process would have been to call witnesses yet there is unwarranted violence from a servant who had no legal authority whatsoever.


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