Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The changing world (155) Feb 1990

Feb 2nd Car to work instead of cycle. Letter published in Gazette on playing fields?
3rd         Delivered 353 In Touch leaflets to Costons ward addresses. God lunch at the Wells. Walk to a very full Thames swollen by heavy rain.
4th         Larry led for Joe who was excellent on tithing. Elliot in evening on physical discipline of children.
5th          Meeting at Glaxos over plans to close off Berkley Avenue as they develop the site.
6th          Prayer meeting. Pastoral concerns over courtship and church discipline.
7th          Work at church on liturgy and pastoral concerns. Dinner at excellent Lantern, Greek restaurant on the common.
8th          Maya the assistant's husbanded phoned to say she is sick. I was sceptical and on my own until Rachel joined me after school.
9th          Again no assistant until Rachel late afternoon. Eclipse of the moon.
10th        Photos taken of me at Conservative office in W13 for election publicity.
11th        Led for Elliot.
12th        Took Deb to fairly House and she is accepted as a pupil. To Conservative group at town hall.
13th        Nigerian Sylvia restarted work. Gal 1 at Barnes house group.
14th        Work at church. The council will hear Denise Bell's complaint about the RE syllabus.
16th        ENCA AGM
17th        Enjoyed England beating Wales. Builder says we do not have space for loft conversion. Good Handel and Elgar by Ealing Symphony Orchestra at St Peter's.
18th         Elliot on Mark 1 morning. Stephen Perks the theonomists to lunch. I spoke on the Confession in the evening.
19th         Sylvia off work sick. John Majiyagbe staying.
20th         Sylvia back. Gal 2 at house group.
21st         Great food at Kingston presbytery. Problems over baptist elders at Greatham.
22nd        Life meeting at MacLeods discussed leafleting.
23rd         On holiday. Chopped down a tree and bought a new shrub. Looked at garden sheds to buy.. First barbecue of the year.
24th        Took David to school for a trip to Exmoor. Dab at judo grading. John back to boarding school.
25th        Led for Elliot in the morning. Visited Rabbi Jacobs at the Orthodox Synagogue and borrowed book on medical ethics.. Paul Harland spoke in the evening on Bangladesh.
26th        Time on the phone with Denise Bell and Colin Hart of Christian Institute. Conservative Group at town hall.
27th         Katy did Shrove Tuesday pancakes. Too tires after work to go to full Council meeting so missed the demonstration against the poll tax.
28th         George at 69 helped me repair out dividing fence. Planning and preparation for preaching on mark and on the ethics of medical transplants.

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