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Beard management

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How to grow a beard faster
1. Optimize your Lifestyle
Sleeping more:
Studies have shown that men who sleep for 8 hours, have nearly two times the testosterone of the guys who sleep for only 4 hours per night.
Lower stress:
The stress hormone,cortisol directly lowers testosterone and DHT levels and causes weakened hair growth all around the body, including the facial hair area.
Avoid alcohol:
Although few drinks here and there won’t do no significant harm, binge drinking does. Studies have shown that exceeding 4 drinks is a sure way to bring down T and DHT, which obviously slows down your beard growth.
Do Exercise:
Exercising is great way to improve circulation and help those crucial beard growth nutrients and hormones get into the follicles, but resistance training in particular also skyrockets testosterone, which is awesome for beard.
Avoid Antiandrogenic Medication:
Many common drugs have a nasty side effect of lowering crucial beard growing hormones, these include statins, SSRI’s, beta-blockers, opiate painkillers, antifungals.
Avoid Man-made Chemicals in Cosmetics:
Especially BPA, parabens, and phthlates. They are alproven antiandrogens and can lower testosterone and DHT, inhibiting beard growth. Especially avoid using moisturizers with these on facial hair area!
2. Diet
Beard growth is primarily regulated by the production of the male hormones testosteroneand DHT, our diets can actually boost facial hair growth when we ingest foods that promote the synthesis of these two androgens and make it easier for our bodies to utilize them. So try these foods that may help grow your beard:
Brazilian Nuts
Brazil nuts contains selenium which is an important nutrient to beard growth,It may help encourage hair growth, they should be consumed in small amounts to prevent harmful health effects from excess intake. Adding 2 nuts a day to your dietary intake to fulfill your daily value of selenium.
Eggs are an excellent source of both protein and other essential micronutrients that are necessary for facial hair growth. It also
contains a rich source of biotin, B vitamins, and folate.which is a vitamin that is necessary for healthy hair.
You can eat more eggs in your diet as a way to get healthier hair, The better you nourish your body, the better your hair will look.

There are pills on the market that are distilled versions of egg yolk proteins. You can try these supplements to get access to the rich nutrition inside of egg yolks without eating egg.
Red meat isn’t a fad, it’s one of the highest sources of natural saturated fats. , which is the most essential fatty-acid for the production of testosterone and DHT which promotes beard growth Adding beef to your diet can give your body the fats it needs for healthier hair growth.
This fish is loaded with the strong hair supporters like Vitamin D and protein, but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy.
Oyster have protein and zinc, a necessary nutrient for hair growth. They also contain significant levels of omega 3 fatty acids, another nutrient that facial hair craves, oysters are super foods to help you grow a thicker beard.
Sweet Potatoes
Potato contains vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, niacin, and iron, which nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth, they are also loaded with beta carotene, the precursor for vitamin A that not only promotes a healthy scalp but promotes hair growth.
Yellow Peppers:
Yellow bell peppers have nearly five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges (341 milligrams, as opposed to 63). This is good news for your locks since vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage.
Sunflower Seeds:
Just a few little seeds can supply you with an abundance of vitamin E, which will enhance blood flow to the scalp and promote faster hair growth.
Raisins prevents hair fall as it is rich in Vitamin C. The anti-inflammatory properties help prevent scalp irritation, dandruff and flakiness from your hair.
It also contains a trace mineral that has been found to boost the synthesis of testosterone and DHT which promotes hair and beard health and provides shine to your hair and beard.
Orange juice is the catalyst behind your new beard diet,it is high in vitamin C. Which is one of the essential micro-nutrients you need to keep DHT active.
Drink More Water:
Not only your body but also your beard needs enough water to grow faster and fuller. Although that sounds obvious, most men neglect it and don’t hydrate themselves properly.
Water, along with minerals, vitamins, and foods rich in proteins, is essential for your beard to grow faster. Opposite of that, insufficient water will cause your beard to grow slower.
Stop Smoking:
Studies have shown that smoking affects the beard just as aging. Only a few cigarettes a day unable proper blood circulation to the hair’s root, so cells don’t get enough blood needed for healthy growth, and the result is a beard that grows slower or not at all.
3. Moisturize and condition your beard:
Keeping your skin and beard clean and moisturized will not only make your beard look fuller over time, but it will also grow faster. The beard care products may help.
Beard Shampoo:
Don’t use hair shampoos to wash your beard, the chemicals in them will be stripping your beard of its natural oils.Not only that but they can also dry out the skin underneath your beard hair. Beard shampoo won't solely cure the dreaded beard dandruff, it will go far in nurturing the skin underneath your facial hair while your moisturiser or oil gets to work on those follicles.
Be sure to dig deep when massaging shampoo into your beard, extending beneath and down to your skin.
I’d suggest starting by applying beard wash 2-3 times a week.
This should be enough to keep your beard feeling soft and smelling nice without overdoing it and risking irritation from over-application. If your skin is naturally oily or your beard is longer than most, then you may wish to increase your usage to 3-4 times a week.
Beard oil:
Beard oil is made with natural ingredients which will ensure that your beard is not dry or irritated, it is a great beard conditioner, it contains unrefined jojoba and pure argan oil help create the conditions for healthy growth, which means less breakage so your beard will appear thicker and longer faster.
Beard oil is best applied to your face first thing in the morning as part of your getting ready to go out regime. Usually just after you wash your face and towel dry is a good time to apply the oil, just put few drops onto your hand and then rub into your beard. Comb and brush your beard after applying.
Beard Balm:
Beard balm is similar to beard oil, it still offers the benefits of beard Oil, but with hold. It contains the nourishing oils of beard oil( shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax) which allows you to retain the perks of the beard oil, but to also tame, shape, and hold the beard in place. Aside from the benefits of the oils in the Balm, Shea and Cocoa butter offer extraordinary moisturizing properties that penetrate the hair shaft, offering increased hair strength, damage repair, and is even claimed to promote hair growth.
It’s best to apply the balm or oil when your skin is slightly moist so the best time may be just after a shower or washing your face. It’s also key to comb or brush your beard after applying.
Beard Conditioner:
Conditioner contains natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, hemp seed oil and aloe vera. These ingredients soften
your beard while keeping the skin underneath irritation free. Forget the dreaded beard itch. With a light hold, it works wonders and is even great for sensitive skin types.
If your beard happens to suffer from dandruff, then the conditioner is a fantastic product which is known to help prevent that condition. It should be used each time you shampoo your beard, then apply the conditioner leave the conditioner in for as long as the product advises then rinse your beard thoroughly.

Beard Grooming Devices:
Shaving Brush: A common material used to make beard brushes is animal hair, such as boar hair or horse hair. This tool is going to be invaluable to those of you who are used to frequent shaving and exfoliation. The shaving brush will definitely help ease the transition.
It provides a mechanical cleaning effect and reduce frizz and tangles and redistribute oils throughout your hair evenly. be sure to pair
it with a gentle beard or face wash to avoid over-drying.

Combs: Beard combs, on the other hand, are commonly made of a smooth, natural, hard material, such as pearwood or sandalwood. These woods are durable and have anti-static properties.
Beard Combs are thinner than Beard Brushes, which means they are more easily transported. If you are limited for space, and want to ensure your grooming device is able to fit in your pocket or bag, go with a beard comb.
Scissors: Using scissors to snip unwanted cheek hairs is a much safer option than using a razor to establish your cheek line. The probability of accidentally going too far down is greatly reduced when using scissors than if using any type of razor.

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