Saturday, October 01, 2011

From a Nigerian Expatriate on the 41st Anniversary of Independence

Down the path of history in not too long ago, some American researchers extrapolated their research findings to (predict?) or postulate that beyond 2015, there may not be a nation called Nigeria. Different people reacted differently to that publication. Ironically, in the last few months, many Nigerians have said similar things using different acronyms; reading the handwritings on the walls of Nigeria judging from the happenings in different sector of Nigeria’s body polity. Whether research findings, reading the crystal ball, figments of the mind, conjuring from the happenings in the Nigerian landscape, brainstorming, or whatever the source, these apprehensions will only come to be depending on the reaction of the Church! If we seat at ease in Zion, these fears might come sooner than expected but if we, like the children of Issachar, know and do what the church ought to do, we can save the situation. I am not so sure which side of the divide you belong to; fragmentation of Nigeria or its unity. I think our unity may be easier to handle and serve God’s purpose than fragmentation. May the Lord guide you to belong to His right side! Isolate personal prejudices, hatred, and bitterness from the issues at stake and let us respond objectively with unity of purpose in order to salvage the sinking ship of our nation.
It is heartwarming to see well meaning Nigerians championing the course of peace with the Muslim fundamentalist that have been operating in the north east. One is weary, judging from past experiences, that the actors in the peace process should not sign any dotted lines in a document with subtle clauses that have far reaching and detrimental effects tomorrow. Nigeria was admitted into ‘observers status’ in OIC during the administration of a Christian head of state; Sharia law was considered a political issue and will die a natural death during the administration of a Christian president; the current CBN governor has told the world that the Islamic bank was approved by his predecessor-a Christian. The current peace process have many Christians involved while a Christian is president, let us be concern and bathe the proceeding with prayers that the right things be done.
In the 1970s to early 80s, “We are able to go up and take the country…”was a powerful evangelical song heard, sang, internalized in our retreats and conferences, it was also acted upon and many churches and ministries were founded to address specific areas; especially in the northern Nigeria. However, due to prosperity gospel, president founder syndrome and lately family succession our vision have been blurred, our united strength depleted, weed and tares have grown in many of the lands we had conquered before; we are now compelled to withdraw missionaries from certain mission fields while some have paid the supreme price.
Paragraph two is the fulcrum around which the first and third paragraphs revolve. Let the enemy not spring surprise to disturb the independence celebration or in a bid to avoid such incidence the government should not also be lured to signing or making unguided, well thought of pronouncements (in the guise of peace) that will trigger off the mines’ fields in other zone. If that happens, the nation will be thrown into unprecedented chaos, mass exodus, stamped, looting and maiming will be the order of the day and the security system will not be able to handle the situation (of course some of them are interested parties). Before we return to normalcy, abominations may be occupying the sites of our cathedrals, mega-churches, churches, institution and homes; you can be sure how difficult it will be to regain these new lost grounds.
Therefore, I want to salute your courage and foresight and for doing what you have been doing-PRAYING! Do not rest on your oars. In the next few days and weeks, let us do more of individual and corporate praying including solemn assembly; one day is enough for God to change event and rewrite history.
You may add the following to your prayer list:
1. Thank God for the nation called Nigeria and for making you and I part of what He is and has chosen to do in and through this nation;
2. Confess any known sins on her behalf;
3. Request for divine guidance for its leaders;
4. Frustrate the plans of the evil ones against the nation before, during and after the independence celebration;
5. Pray that no unholy covenant will be signed, in the name of peace, or unguided utterance by the government (at all levels) or its agent;
6. As we retreat from our mission fields and lost grounds that God will give us the best and most efficient strategies to carry out His assignment of evangelizing our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth;
7. May God cause us to hold more prayer retreats and prophetic utterances rather than press conference or issuing of communiqués;
8. And any other as the Lord leads.
When you get this mail, it may not be possible to gather the whole church, if you have not planned to do so ahead of this mail, you can get the elders and send messages to others. Continue to pray, the battle is not yet over even after the celebration.
Jesus shall reign wherever there’s sun!
God bless you as you stand in the gap.

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