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Pastor Nadarkhani isn’t the only Christian living under intense persecution

Dear Graham,

As I write this email, our CSW team is spearheading an urgent international campaign to stop the execution of Pastor Nadarkhani in Iran.

Sentenced to death for apostasy in 2010, Pastor Nadarkhani was in court last week and asked three times to renounce his faith in order for the death sentence to be withdrawn. Each time he refused.

As international action and responses soar, we await the final written verdict – due any time now. Pastor Nadarkhani’s life remains very much in the balance.

But of course Pastor Nadarkhani isn’t the only Christian living under intense persecution.

Since June 2010 around 300 Christians have been brutally arrested and detained in Iran.

And there is more...

More than 25 pastors are killed in Colombia every year, simply because they lead churches. Right now there are over 2,000 Christians in prison in Eritrea, just because they’re Christian. In North Korea, being a Christian is seen as an extremely serious crime – being caught means facing severe penalties.

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CSW is working tirelessly for their freedom
At CSW we’re working towards a world where everyone enjoys the basic human right of being able to live out their beliefs in freedom. Here’s how....

- We have been advocating at the EU and UN on behalf of Pastor Nadarkhani, as well as raising his case with representatives of the UK, US and several Latin American governments. As the campaign gained momentum, with over 50,000 people taking action, government officials and key actors began to speak out on his behalf, including British Foreign Secretary William Hague.
- We’ve been working closely with the European Parliament initiating and formulating a new human rights resolution promoting religious freedom for Christians in Indonesia.
- CSW has helped establish an international coalition with 40 other human rights groups, to tackle crimes against humanity in North Korea.

As you can appreciate, advocating to bring change comes with a cost. There are many critical situations demanding CSW’s urgent attention and response. Every day we are reaching out into some very difficult circumstances in an effort to bring hope and change.

Your gift will help this vital work to continue.

Thank you for your prayers and support as CSW brings the truth of religious persecution to light.

Yours as ever in Christ,

Mervyn Thomas
CSW Chief Executive


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