Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nutory means still no choice on the EUSSR

So Cameron is against a referendum. No surprise there, especially when you see with whom he is in bed.

The whole EUSSR is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the British electorate. We were told it was economic, not political by traitorous liars like Heath and Wilson. We were given not real vote over entry. It does not even give us a good deal economically. Why we need to be in a club founded to stop the Germans and French killing one another is beyond me. We should be out and out too of the European court and human rights conventions. While we are at it, let the Celtic fringes say once and for all if they want to be in an integrated UK or pay their own way to do their own thing.

I post from Wales where the writing of the local lingo above the majority tongue on all signs is IMO a hazard and an irritation. Is your bilingual everything necessary or is it merely a nationalistic revenge on the English taxpayer? In the past we banned your children from speaking it so now you shove it at us everywhere.

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Blogger NHS-GP said...

This is an atrocious post, Graham and you know it. The Welsh have every right to speak Welsh and make sue it gets the rightful place in their country. Including public bilinguality.

The attempts at destroying Welsh and Gaelic were crimes.

9:04 am  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

They were the crimes of a conqueror. No-one denies the right of people to their mother tongue. But when it is a minority one, and in one case an extremely small minority one, putting anything other than the majority national tongue on the top of road signs is a safety hazard and a folly to merely make a nationalist point. Bilingual everything in Wales is a waste of money as everyone can read English. In Scotland, all I will say is that if you want Gaelic broadcasting why does not the Scottish parliament use its hitherto redundant tax raiisng powers. I no more want to pay for Gaelic spoken by only 60,000, than I do for the Olympic games. They are of no worth to me.

9:53 am  

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