Saturday, October 22, 2011

On unrepresentative democracy

I do not believe in government by referenda but by representative democracy. However there is a two fold problem with it. First of all when representatives are so certain they know better than their electors and when electors do not realise you elect a human being to represent all the electorate. To talk of some group being under represented is to artificially divide the population by some means other than appointed electoral boundaries. The only people under represented are those where Sinn Fein members will not take their seats. Ethnic minorities and women are not under represented in government as neither group elects people to represent those groups. When I hear that minorities are under represented in the police force I say the police are not there to represent anyone. Their purpose is law enforcement.

But politicians know best is the curse of representative democracy. Because of it we stopped executing murderers and around the same time signed up to the Treaty of Rome. The subsequent history of the EU is not even that of any sort of democracy but a juggernaut bureaucracy, a vast gravy train sucking up sustenance from the taxpayers over which it runs. In the past I voted UKIP in European elections. Now I do not see any point in voting as politicians do not run the EUSSR,

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