Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anti-capitalists - you are no Guy Fawkes

Click on the link for an interesting article on V for Vendetta Fawkes masks being worn by current demonstrators.

So how are this lot like Fawkes and how not?

Like him they are miserable failures in their protest which comes like his from frustration with a government not delivering as hoped. Perhaps like him they are the front foot soldiers for a more sinister plot but I doubt this. Like him they express the frustration of many in a way those many would never do themselves or really approve of. Like Guy they have a fair point of grievance.

Unlike Guy. They are not from Yorkshire. They do not have honourable occupations like mercenary soldier. They are not plotting quietly out of sight. They will not be tortured, hung, drawn and quartered. They have social media to co-ordinate and organise their efforts. It is about economics not religion. No one is going to have a church liturgy for 250 or more years commemorating national deliverance from thir plot. They will soon be forgotten.

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